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How to build a roadmap?

What is a roadmap?

Everyone loves a great project roadmap - a concise, clear and simple high-level view of how a process is coming along.  Roadmap's are great for displaying major goals and desired outcomes as well as an anticipated completion date.  Wouldn't be great if you could share major milestones with everyone in your organization or even your customers?  With a roadmap, you'll be able to in no time!


How do I build one?

Start by creating your board, then listing out all of your company’s long term projects. You can organize your projects however you like using groups and items. Add a few status columns and you’ve really got a process coming to life here! For example, at monday.com we keep an up-to-date roadmap of our goals and upcoming features - take a look at it here

Add your groups

We've designed our roadmap to be broken out by calendar quarter.  Each quarter is its own group and the items within are what we plan to release as platform enhancements. 


Add your columns

Some key features that you'll find within our roadmap include a: 

  • Status column to indicate if a feature has been released or if a goal was achieved
  • Brief description of the milestone. You can use the long text column just for this. 
  • Which plan tiers will have access to the feature


A few other column types that you might want to consider adding include: 

  • people or team column, to help keep track of project owners
  • Other status columns to reflect each milestone of a project 
  • tag column for the type of feature (medium, small, big)


Track progress visually

If you're looking for a more visual way to see the progress of your roadmap, consider adding a chart view to complement your board. Whether you're using a bar graph or pie chart, this will make it easier to see a rollup of all statuses on your roadmap.  


Embed your roadmap

We can now embed roadmaps into other sites if you're looking to share it to the world!  Take a look at how to share and embed your roadmap by using our share views


Why is having a roadmap so important?

Whether you're in need of a nifty way to share your teams milestones or just need to keep everyone on track, roadmaps can help to keep your team on the same page.  They promote deep thinking and explain the trajectory of a project so that everyone is clear on the communal progress and aware of tasks to come.

If you have any questions further questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer success team right here. We are available 24/7 and happy to assist.