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5 Tips to Save You Time on monday.com

We know you're busy, and want to make the most of your time, which is why we've compiled a list of our 5 best time-saving hacks! We're all familiar with some of the bigger features, like dashboards, automations, and integrations, but we bet you might have overlooked some of these little tricks! Here’s a quick rundown of some of our favorite hidden features that will save you time and boost your workflow!

Tip:  We've recorded a webinar with more easy tips to save you time on monday.com! Check it out right here


1. Find your boards lightning fast

If you're looking for a certain board, don't waste your time scrolling through your account. Search for a board, dashboard, or workspace using the Boltswitch! Open it up by clicking the lightning bolt at the top of your workspaces list, or by clicking Command + B on a Mac or Ctrl + B on a PC!



2. Minimize your notifications

Find yourself spending way too long sifting through your Inbox Updates and Bell Notifications? Narrow them down only to the updates and notifications you need! Remove yourself as a board member from boards you don't need, adjust your Bell Notifications settings, unfollow conversations on updates you don't want to see, and unsubscribe from unimportant items! 



Tip:  Whenever you like or reply to an update, you automatically begin to follow that update. This means that you will receive notifications every time someone else replies to the same update. In order to unfollow an update, click the arrow in the top right corner of the update box in your Inbox, and click "Unfollow conversation" as we did above!


3. Update multiple items at once

Have a few repetitive changes to make to your items and don't want to click each one by one? Use Batch Actions to update multiple items at once! You can use it to make changes in any of your columns, and even shift all dates in a timeline by a set amount of days in one click! 




4. Sync important dates to your calendar

Why check multiple platforms in order to stay on top of your tasks when you can sync them all to one place! Use your Date Column's settings to sync your board's tasks with your Google, iCal, or Outlook calendar! You can even choose to sync just the items you’re assigned to, keeping everything aligned without having to manually create calendar events! Check out this article to learn more!



5. Take it to-go

For all those times you're on the run, between meetings, out in the field, or commuting to work and wish you could get something done quickly in monday.com - we've got the answer! The mobile app is a tool that allows you to collaborate with your team right from the palm of your hand! It's perfect if you're on the go and want to stay in tune with your team members! 

Check your notifications on the go, create and edit boards, and even work offline! Check out this article to learn how to get started! 





If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!

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