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5 Tips to Save You Time on monday.com

When using any tool or platform, there’s always those smaller features or tips which can easily be overlooked. No matter if you’re new to monday or you’ve been with us for longer, there’s always new hacks to learn! 

Dashboards. Timeline View. Automations—there are plenty of big features to be excited about but we’re just as enthusiastic about the small touches that make your use of monday.com that much better and simpler. Here’s a quick rundown of some of our favorite hidden features that will save you time and boost your workflow. 

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1. The column permissions

Keep what you need on your board but hide information from certain people 

Column permissions allows information to be shown to or editable by just the relevant team members. Lock a column to limit who can edit it or hide the column from view completely for everyone except those chosen to keep information really confidential—great for when using shareable boards with multiple clients or where you have sensitive information which certain team members don’t need to see in your boards. 



2. The new board list

Find your boards more easily with the new board list.

The new unified board list lets you see all of your boards in one single list, with no divisions between Main, Shareable, or Private boards. Boost board organization by adding any type of board into a folder, making groups of boards more logical! Search for a board using the Boltswitch, and filter the list to see just the boards you’re subscribed to or by board type to keep things simple. 



3. Update on a status

Add an update on a status so your teammates see visually when a status changes

Team communication is easier on monday.com, we all know that. But did you know that you can update your team members, managers, and clients when a status of your task changes, directly from the status column on your board? Just hover over the dog ear flap on the corner of the status and add an update right from the column itself! You can even add a file into the comment. Pretty cool, right? 


4. Shift your timeline in one click

Push all your timeline dates by a certain amount of days in one click

Sick of manually changing dates item by item? Has your project been delayed by a week?  Use batch actions to quickly change all of your dates on your board by X number of days, in just one click, saving you so much time and making sure your timelines stays in tact. Learn more here.


5. Add appointments to your calendar

Add important appointments directly to your main calendar in just a couple of clicks. Set the date then add a time on your date column in monday.com then sync the board to your Gmail, iCal or Outlook calendar to have the items appear there. You can even choose to sync just the items you’re assigned to, keeping everything aligned in both places and removing the need to manually create calendar events! Read about it.


If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to reach out to our customer success team at [email protected]! We are here for you 24/7.