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Campaign Tracking

As a marketing department, agency or consultant, campaigns sit at the core of everything you do. 


What is campaign tracking?

Campaign tracking allows marketers to oversee various parameters of each campaign that they’re running such as the platform it's running on, its current status, the cost of each campaign, its overall impact, and much more! Tracking campaigns is a crucial process for any marketing team as it allows you to see how each campaign is performing at a glance in order to analyze its impact and to see what areas can be improved for the future.


Who uses it and why?

Marketing teams or agencies use campaign tracking methods to manage their ongoing campaigns at any given time. Doing so provides clarity, organization and allows marketing teams to measure the results for better planning in the future.

Because campaign statuses are constantly changing and we have many campaigns going on at any given time, having one central hub to manage this all is crucial to our workflow and team collaboration. monday.com provides the perfect solution to keep track of both the high level information, and the detailed ins and outs of each campaign. 

Check out this 8 step guide to help you get your campaign tracking started with monday.com!


How to build a campaign tracking board in 8 steps

1. Get started with a preset templates and customize it to your own liking:

  • Check out the Marketing section on the Templates list when creating a new board



  • Check out this monday.com story that we've created especially for you, and add it directly to your board.



2. Start customizing your board!

  • Groups

We’ve divided up this board into different groups based on the stage that each campaign is currently in. We have groups for Live, Planned, Paused as well as Completed campaigns which allows us a quick overview of where each campaign is at any given time. We like having our Live group at the top of the board making sure this information is always just a click away. 


Each campaign will go through the various stages, so we love that we can just drop and drag the campaigns as they move through them. As with every monday.com board, you can change the group titles to reflect any relevant information whether it be weeks, client names, the platform on which the campaign is running and more.


  • Items

Once you have set up your groups, you can start adding your items. An item on our board will be every live, scheduled or completed campaign going on for a given time frame.


  • Columns 

Adding different columns to our board gives us the ability to not only store all the information relevant to that campaign but also allows us to track numerical values and even do complex calculations with them.

They enable us to track on which channels the campaign is running, the duration and spend of each campaign, its performance and more. As a marketing firm, you can also track which campaigns are for which clients and the industry it belongs to. 

With over 20 different columns types, the options are endless to how you can customize the board to suit your needs!


People Column: For each campaign that we run, we have one person- the owner- who oversees the campaign from start to finish. By using a People column, we can simply assign the campaign to an owner, making it clear to both the owner and the team, who to turn to about that campaign. 

Number Column: Here, we keep track of the spend for every campaign. While we work in terms of USD, you can customize the currency to meet your needs, or turn this into a %, quantity or more.

Timeline Column: Campaigns aren’t singular events that occur once off but rather stretch across a period of time. That’s why the Timeline column is perfect to show us the exact time period in which each campaign is running. We’ll see how this comes to life even more so a little later on.

Tags Column: Tags are ways to organize groups of items across different boards. By tagging the client that the campaign was made for, you can link up all the different projects going on and information for this client across the entire account. You can have multiple tags per campaign, so you can also tag the Industry, or whether this is an internal or external campaign. 

Rating Column: The rating column is used on this board to give us a visual indication of how well the campaign is performing/has performed. This can be your priorities or your own team ranking if you wish! Go wild! With stars or hearts as an option, campaign tracking no longer needs to be boring!

Status Column: Status columns can reflect any sort of information from the stage it’s in, the channel it’s running on, to the client or even the priority. While we’ve added it to keep track of what channels our campaigns were launched on, you can always add and edit the status label to fit your team’s needs.


3. Add a Timeline View to better visualize all live and upcoming campaigns

Views allow you to see information from your board in another way - always visual and easy to understand. In our case, being able to see overlapping time periods is super important to us! So, on our Campaign Tracking board, we’ve added the Timeline View


From this view, you can see to see all your campaigns in relation to one another - in Gantt mode too. You can move campaign dates around to ensure they better fit your schedule and you can click on the post itself to get a simple card view with campaign details. With our new full page Views- there’s no need to work only from your board anymore!


4. Internally communicate with your team to get things done quicker - and easier!

Collaborating with your teammates requires communication, but who says this needs to be time-consuming and messy?

With the help of the Update Section you can communicate directly with your teammates, in context and in one concentrated, collaborative space. We love to use this specifically for  jotting down our reminders (especially using Checklists! [link]), providing feedback to our teammates, and to check in with our all those collaborating on the campaign to make sure we’re aligned.




5. Take your workflow even one step further with Board Automations!

Managing multiple different projects, sticking to different deadlines, being accountable to different clients while still trying to produce top-notch quality pieces at the same time? We feel you! To make your life a little easier, we've added in automations, making sure you're meeting deadlines and expectations, and staying on top of your work.

Some useful automations we've added to our board are the following:

  • This automation makes sure an automatic notification is sent out to someone, as soon as a specific date is approaching - in our case, the date that the campaign will go live. We've decided to notify the campaign owner, who can make sure to wrap up every last detail before the campaign gets launched. Our notifications will go out one day before, because we’re just not a last-minute type of team.


  • We’ve also added in an automation which will automatically move our completed campaign to the Completed group, so we can focus only on what’s important. 



6. Sync up your monday.com to your personal calendar! 

We all love a good calendar to be able to open up at any time, plan our day to day activities and manage our upcoming workload. With all your projects and campaigns listed in your monday.com account, you can simply sync up your calendar to have all this information appear, just one touch away.



7. Gain insights about your campaigns using Chart Views

Chart Views allow you an informative overview, providing breakdowns and analytics to enable your team to make necessary and informed decisions. Chart Views can be added in the same way as the Timeline View - just search for Charts instead!

Here, we're interested in seeing our campaign spend based on the different channels of our live campaigns. Charts are also helpful when you’re interested in seeing breakdowns of the campaigns per clients, for resource planning, and to make sure that our workload is equally distributed among our campaign owners. Check it out below:



Tip:  Interested in seeing these breakdowns across multiple boards? Check out Dashboards and the Chart Widget



8. See all your personal tasks due on a weekly basis and stay focused on what's important!

My Week section of your platform gathers all your tasks from across the many boards and pulls them together into one organized, manageable place.

Use the "All Dates" option in the My Week Settings to see all the tasks with dates, or the "Only Deadlines" option merely to see the deadlines coming up. By clicking on the arrows next to the dates, you can scroll through the previous and upcoming weeks' tasks.


Just like that, you're all set and ready to get started using monday.com for your Campaign Tracking!


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!