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Duplicate boards to another account

Whether you've mistakingly opened multiple accounts or are a part of a few different teams, you may have asked yourself "can I transfer boards from one account to the other?" Well, the answer is yes! With a few clicks of a button, you can duplicate a folder of boards from one account to another 🙌




Note: This feature is only able to transfer Main Boards at the moment. Shareable and Private Boards, as well as all Dashboards, will not be transferred over.


Important to know

Prior to using this feature, there are a few important conditions which must be met in order for it to work properly:

  1. This is feature is a granted feature and therefore you may need to reach out to support@monday.com to have it added to your accounts. Once the feature is granted to both accounts, it will be available in the admin section for you to use. 
  2. In order for this feature to work you must be an admin on both accounts with the same email address. 
  3. The boards that you are looking to transfer must be set as Main boards and placed inside of a folder.


How to use this feature

Once you've ensured that all of the conditions above are met, you can follow the steps below to use this feature.


Step 1

Create the folder that will be moved to the destination account. To create a folder, simply click the "+" sign and then choose "New Folder". You can also move any existing folders that you already have. 



Step 2

Only Main boards can be duplicated to another account. Make sure to change your board type to Main before duplicating it. Move all the relevant boards to the designated folder by doing the following:

  • Hover over the board in the board's list
  • Right click with your mouse
  • Select "move to folder"

You can also simply drag and drop the board into its folder.  




Note: If you are duplicating a board that is linked to another board, make sure both boards are included in the same folder! If the linked board is not included in the folder and therefore not duplicated to the other account, the Connect Boards column on the first board will be hidden. 


Step 3

Go to the admin section of your account. Next, click on Cross Account as below: 



Step 5

Select the folder you'd like to duplicate from the list. Once done, type in URL of the account to which you want to copy these boards: 


Click on "Duplicate folder to account". And voilà, within a few moments this folder of boards will be available on the destination account! 🎉



We do have some limitations when duplicating folders to another account using this feature. The following elements will not be duplicated: 

The same integrations and automations supported when duplicating boards are also supported when duplicating across accounts. The automations that are currently not supported are: 

  • Automation recipes with mapping (ex: item creation automations)
  • Deactivated recipes (those which are toggled off)
Note: All Cross-Board Automations that are mapped to boards located in the same folder that is moved will function as normal. If you move multiple folders containing Cross-Board Automations between folders you will need to reconfigure those recipes.



If you have any questions about this or anything else in this article, feel free to reach out to us at customer success at support@monday.com. We are here and happy to help 24/7!