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Creative Requests

Getting Creative requests successfully delivered, requires organization and collaboration of many different talented people.

What are creative requests?

A creative request is the core of every marketing campaign. It is a document that’s usually put together by the requester, such as a client or the marketing team and maps out all the details of the desired creative project. Creative requests can include social media posts, print ads, banners and so on.


Who uses it and why?

Marketing departments, account managers and other departments within the same company usually create creative requests. Then, creative teams, designers, agencies who'll be working on these projects, use them to organize their upcoming projects and manage creative production processes from beginning to end. This allows all parties to streamline their requests, communicate their needs, and align expectations at every stage in the process. 

With the help of monday.com, creative briefs have become more manageable and visual than ever! Here is a 8 steps guide to successfully manage a team’s creative briefs from the point of creation to approval. Let's get started! 🎉


How to build your Creative Briefs in 8 easy steps?

Step 1: Check monday.com story

Check out this monday.com story that we've created especially for you, and add it directly to your board.


 Tip: This is going to be the basis of the Form you can send out to all the requesters! So make sure to include all the questions and info you’re going to need from your customer. We’ll go more in-depth about this in the following sections. 


Step 2: Start customizing your board!

  • Groups

The first group on the board is for our most recent creative requests coming in from all our clients, teammates and so on. This will lie at the top of our board, and will be an indication of all the new requests that haven’t been sorted by our creative team lead yet. 

The board is then divided based on the requests being worked on per week: This Week,  Next Week and Passed Weeks. This allows us to remain focused on what’s important.


Don’t like working in periods of time? Simply change the group headings to reflect that info; whether it be the Type, Clients, Stages, Channels or anything else. Keep in mind, the best part about monday.com is the flexibility

  • Items

Once you have set up your groups, you can start adding your items. An item can be every creative request put forward such as image, website banner, print ad, poster.

  • Columns 

Columns allow you to track and manage every request received; the stage that it’s in; the designer working on it and more. All relevant information can be gathered in one centralized place making sure that everyone is on the same page and no information is getting lost.

With over 20 different column types, there’s really no limit to how you can customize your board to fit your team’s needs.

People Column: Each creative request is going to have a requester and a designer working on it. For the design team, who are members on your account, the People column allows you to simply assign someone, eliminating any confusions and encouraging ownership, accountability and transparency. 

Status Column: Each item has multiple phases until the final product is ready. By adding status columns and customizing the labels, you're able to track each project and its phase! Status columns' were added to reflect the content type, project status and even platform it will go live on. Remember, add and edit labels to fit your needs! 

Date Column: With the help of the date column, you can make sure the publish date is clearly stated for each creative request, ensuring everything is running on time. 


 Tip: Make sure to add in Deadline Mode to see if your tasks are running on time or overdue.


Rating Column: Rating columns are perfect for those scenarios where you’re flooded with incoming requests, and your team needs to sort and prioritize. We’ve turned this into a Priorities column to allow a very visual demonstration of which requests require highest priority and urgency. 1 star for low priority, 5 stars for high priority.

Files Column: Files column can function in two ways, allowing both requesters and the designers to upload files related to the request. For requesters this might be super helpful to attach ideas and in-depth documents of requirements. For designers, this is great to attach drafts as well as final versions to the request, allowing all the files to be stored in one central place. No need to search back in emails or in “Downloads” anymore!

Text Column: Text columns are great to add Requester names (as they might not be members of your account), notes, reminders or more specific information about what’s needed from the designers, such as the size requirements and color preferences. 

Voilà! Our board structure is now complete!



Let’s see the other incredible possibilities available on your Creative Requests board!


Step 3: Turn your board into a monday.com Form and let the requests roll in!

Forms allow creative teams to have a structured, consistent format to their creative requests, not to mention, allowing them to be received in a simple, streamlined process. For the creative requests board, we’ve added the Forms View, to help us with this process.


The board structure will create the basis of the Form that you’ll be able to send to external clients as well as to internal company members through a Shareable link or by embedding this on your website. Each column heading on the board will become a question on the Form. 

On the form itself, you can customize the background color, add your own logo and select which questions are mandatory to be filled out. You can even choose which board columns should be hidden from the Form. 



Note:  Already have a form created using Typeform and want to integrate that with your monday.com account? No problem - we’ve got you covered. Check out the Typeform Integration to see how to set this up on your account. We also have a SurveyMonkey integration coming soon - Stay tuned!:)


Step 4: Use Files View as a hub

The Files View allows you to view the files in an even more visual way, have easy access to requested files and never need to use email attachments again! It is added in the same way as the Form View - just search for Files instead!



Step 5: Communicate with your teammates to get things done quicker - and easier! 

Collaborating with your teammates requires communication, but who says this needs to be time- consuming and messy? By using the  Update Section you can communicate directly with your teammates, in context and in one concentrated, collaborative space. 

You can use this for everything from instructions, to teammates’ feedback, to To-Do Checklists, making sure that everything is done as efficiently as possible.



Step 6: Take your workflow even one step further with Board Automations!

We know that you're working hard on getting many different projects done, answering many client requests, at the same time as staying creative and organized - we feel you! To make your life a little easier, we've added in automations, making sure you're meeting deadlines, expectations and managing everything on your plate. 

These are some automations you can add to the Creative Requests board:

  • The first automation is set it that whenever the Type column is changed to Social, we’ll assign the new creative request to one specific team member. In our team, Dana, usually takes ownership of all social media posts that require design, so to avoid any time wasted, she’ll automatically be assigned to them to start working her magic!



  • In the second automation, every time the status of the project changes to “Awaiting approval” by any of our designers, we’ll automatically notify the creative team lead to review and approve before going Live.



Step 7: Gain insights about the creative posts using Chart Views to make even more informed decisions later!

Interested in knowing where most of your requests are coming from? The chart view can help with that! It provides breakdowns and analytics to enable your team to make informed decisions. We love the chart view specifically to help us resource manage better and to know where to invest our time and efforts.




 Tip: Interested in seeing these breakdowns across multiple boards? Check out Dashboards and the Chart Widget



Step 8: See all your personal tasks due on a weekly basis and stay focused on what's important!

My Week section of the platform gathers all your tasks, from across the boards, and pulls them together into one organized, manageable place.

Use the "All Dates" option in the My Week Settings to see all the tasks with dates, or the "Only Deadlines" option merely to see the deadlines coming up. By clicking on the arrows next to the dates, you can scroll through the previous and upcoming weeks' tasks. 




Just like that, you're all set and ready to get started using monday.com for your Creative Requests!

If you have any questions at all, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected] and we'll be happy to help you!