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From content strategies to digital asset management, all the way to handling creative requests much more, managing a marketing team involves many intricate processes. Having one place to manage all of your work and to collaborate with your team is crucial in making sure that things get done efficiently.

The monday marketer product can jumpstart your journey to optimizing your marketing processes! Built on top of monday.com Work OS, monday marketer connects all aspects of marketing work in one collaborative space to build scalable and impact-driven business growth. Let's learn all about how monday marketer works, below. 🌟


Overview of the workflow

monday marketer provides an all-in-one solution to manage your marketing and creative processes all while ensuring full collaboration along with your team and clients.

With the monday marketer product added onto your account, you'll find the below boards and dashboard ready for you to use and customize to your own desire:

  • Marketing plan
  • Content calendar
  • Creative requests
  • Marketing overview dashboard


Let's go over each of these boards to understand how you can make your marketing workflows come to life!


Plan marketing strategies

First and foremost, we have the Marketing Plan board, the go-to board to help plan all of your marketing initiatives for the year ahead. This board is perfect for leadership to use to define high-level goals, plan the budget for each project, set goals and metrics to measure by, and more!


Using this board, management can easily input each marketing initiative as an item (split up by quarters as the groups on the board), fill out all of the relevant data points in the columns, and begin to map out the year ahead for their marketing team!

This board also comes ready made with the Gantt View, which provides you with a clear, organized, and fully interactive visualization of the timelines from your marketing initiatives to ensure your deadlines are met!



Manage your content calendar

With the Content calendar board, you and your team will be able to visually plan, organize, and track all content pieces being launched across different promotional channels according to any timeframe. Using this board, you can organize your content schedule and make sure that no details go amiss! 



Furthermore, this board comes pre-set with the fully interactive Calendar View, so you can see all of your planned organized for any given month! 



Track and handle creative requests

Using the Creative requests board and form, you can easily gather and execute design and content requests for your campaigns or other marketing activities. We've even set up a Connect Boards Column on this board to link the creative to its related campaign so all the needed information is consolidated in one place.


Tip: You can even edit linked campaign information directly from this board!


Anyone, whether they are from your team or external to your organization, can seamlessly submit a creative request by using the form included in this board. Every form response will instantly create a new item on your board with all the details you need, so the creative can begin being worked on right away!


Oversee marketing data

And finally, one of the most important aspects of managing a marketing team is the ability to analyze data at a high-level. Doing so allows you to continuously measure progress and best prepare for the future ahead. The monday marketer product provides you a tool just for that by using the "Marketing Overview" dashboard!


This dashboard comes loaded with many customizable widgets such as the Numbers Widget, Chart Widget, Gantt View, and more that allow you to aggregate data from your many marketing projects into reports for you and your team.


Have fun with it!

These boards, views, dashboards, and more are intended to be a starting point to help you get up and running with your workflow! You can use these exact boards if they're right for you, but don't be afraid to experiment and test out all of the amazing features on monday.com!

Make sure to explore the Columns Center to see all of the ways you can use columns as building blocks to build your own unique board! You can also customize your own automations, enable loads of integrations, and pull in data from multiple boards into high-level dashboards to really connect the dots in your marketing workflows. 🤩





If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.