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How do I share projects and tasks with guests?

Adding a guest to your account is useful when you want to collaborate with that user without giving him/her access to see all of your main boards. Guests are outside users such as contractors, clients, freelancers, lawyers, graphic designers, etc. Guest users must have an email domain that is different from the email domains associated with your company. Guests can only be invited to Shareable Board/s and as such, will NOT be able to view information on Main or Private Boards.

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Inviting a guest to your shareable board

Step 1 

To add a guest to your account, you need to create a shareable board first. Shareable boards allow you to share projects and tasks with people outside of your team (like a client or contractor).

Step 2

Once you have added a shareable board, you can invite a guest by going to the shareable board you want them to see and clicking on "Guests & Subscribers."
A window will open, showing you the team subscribers on the board, and the guest list will be on the right side.


Step 3

Enter the email address of the person you want to add as a guest, and they will receive an email invitation to join just that board.



How many boards can I share with my guests?

There are two types of guests:

  • single board guests
  • multi board guests. 

Single-board guests

Single board guests are guests that have been added to only one shareable board. On the Standard plan, you can invite up to 3 single board guests for free. The 4th single board guest will count as a billed team member. On the Pro and Enterprise plans, you can invite unlimited amount of single board guests. 

Multi-board guests

Multi-board guests are guests that have been invited to more than one shareable board. A multi-board guest counts as a billed team member. 

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If you have further questions about inviting guests, please feel free to contact our Customer Success Team! We're happy to help :)