How to Use the Map View on Android

The Map View is now available on Android! 

What is the Map View, you ask? The Map View is a visual overview of the Location Column. With the Map View, you can see where every address entered on your board is in relation to each other. Manage multiple address listings in one visual view.

Using the Map View on Android is easy! Keep reading for a step-by-step explanation.


How does it work? 

Step 1

First, add a Location Column to your board to activate the Map View.




Step 2

Add an address to the Location Column by clicking into the item cell.


Step 3

Go to “View as” and select “Map”.


Be sure to click “Allow” when the app requests access to your device’s location:


Step 4

This opens the Map View! From here you can zoom in, zoom out, or view your board’s locations relative to your location by clicking on the target in the lower left-hand side of your screen.



What can you do in the Map View?

You can click on the location marker to view details about the item name related to the location.


Click on the item name to open the item's card view. From here, you can edit all of the details of your item. Use the arrow in the upper left-hand corner to return to the Map View.



 Tip: The Map View is only available in the Standard plan and up. 


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