How to access the column center on Android and what columns are available

Looking to add a column and don't see it listed? Feel free to visit our column center to see all the columns you can add to your board right from your phone! 

Step 1: click on the blue + sign on bottom right

Click on the blue + button and click "new column" 



Step 2: Click on "Column center" 

If you don't see the column you're looking for, click on "column center" to find all the columns you can add to your board. 


Step 3: Add a column or search for the column name

From there you can scroll through to add the column of your choice or utilize the search bar to find the exact column you're looking for:





 Note: The following columns are available on iOS: status, text, people, timeline, date, tags, numbers, long text, checkbox, link,  file, time tracking, world clock, item ID, phone, location, vote, rating, creation log, last updated, team, auto number, progress tracking, week, color picker, and country. 


There you have it, all the columns at your fingertips! 

if you have any questions about how to add new columns feel free to reach out to us at 


For any further questions, feel free to reach out to us at