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The Board Filters


While your boards fill up with tons of information, our board filters can help you easily narrow it down to the specific information that you need (because after all, who likes scrolling!) Draw conclusions, focus on what's important, and save time navigating your boards with the board filters. 🙌



Board filtering options

When it comes to filtering down information from your board, you can choose to use the search bar, the person filter, the quick suggested filter, or the advanced filter option to create a customized rule to filter by. Keep reading to learn more about each of these options! ⬇️


Search bar

The first and perhaps the most intuitive board filter option is the search bar. You can locate it at the top bar of your board as so:



To use this, simply type in a keyword in the filter and the relevant items that contain this will appear on your board, such as "stuck" in the example below:


You can search for multiple key words at once such as 'Low', 'Stuck', etc., and the filter will show you all items, columns, and groups containing the word(s) that you searched for. 


Person filter

You can filter your own tasks, or any of your teammates tasks, by clicking on the person icon. From here, you can go ahead and select on the person that you'd like to filter by, and any items assigned to them will be displayed on your board.



Quick suggested filter

To create a quick filter, simply click on the "Filter" icon on the top left side of the board. From there, you can see a list of suggested quick filters that you can click on and filter by without needing to set up your own conditions.

For example, let's say that I want to see all tasks assigned to "Noy: that are high priority, I can click on those two values and only the relevant items which fit this criteria will be shown!


Filters that you've applied previously can be found in the "Recent filters" section here for easy access in the future. 🙌

Tip: The numbers next to each filtering option will display a count of the amount of items which fit the selected criteria on your board!


Advanced filter

Looking to create customized rules to filter your board by? The advanced filtering option allows you to do just that! While clicking on the "Filter" icon itself will open up the quick filters, clicking on the arrow to the right of the "Filter" icon will directly open up the advanced filters.


Alternatively, you can also access the advanced filter by clicking on the words "Switch to advanced filters" at the bottom of the quick filters pop-up window:


Tip: You can find the filter from the column settings too!


Then, go ahead and choose the column you want to filter by, the condition, and the value. The dropdown will provide results based on the specific conditions and values selected.



Filter by multiple conditions 

In order to filter your board by multiple different conditions in the advanced filter, simply click on the "Add new filter" button at the bottom left of the filter screen. Then, follow the steps again to choose the column that you want to filter by, the condition, and the value you want to display or not, and voilà!


Note:  When adding multiple conditions, you can choose from "AND" or "OR" to allow you to narrow down your results to exactly what you need! 


Filter your subitems 

Not only can you filter the items on your board but you can filter your subitems as well! By applying an additional advanced filter only to your subitems, you can filter your subitems separately from their parent item. 


Note: Subitems can only be filtered using Advanced Filters, not Quick Filters. 


How it works

Subitems are filtered as a separate entity from the parent items, so whatever filter you apply will only be applied to the subitems, not the all items on the board. The results of this filter will show all subitems that meet the filter's requirements along with their parent item. 

To add a subitem filter, click the "Column" field. Scroll down until you see the subheading "Subitem columns" and select a column from the list below. 


The conditions of our filter are very important to pay attention to. When creating 2 separate filters for parent items and subitems, selecting "AND" or "OR" will change the filtered results. You cannot create conditions in your filter using both "AND" and "OR", but rather must choose one per set of filters. 

Tell me more about this

Let's look at the example of filtering both items and subitems for all "Done" statuses. 

  • When using "AND", you will get results where both the subitem and its parent item are marked "Done". For example, if the item is "Working on it" and the subitem is "Done", you will not see either of these results after filtering.
  • When using "OR", you will get results where either the subitem or its parent item are marked "Done". For example, if the item is "Working on it" and the subitem is "Done", you will see the subitem along with its parent item, even though the parent item's status is not "Done". 




Create a dynamic 'personal view'

Ever wanted to create a personal, filtered view for every account member, so they can easily see the items assigned to them? Are you looking to avoid creating a separate filtered view for each on the team? If this is the case, look no further! By using the "dynamic" option when filtering the People Column, you can easily create one filtered view that is personal for each assignee on your board!


This amazing filtering option works according to the specific person who is viewing the board. This meaning, if Noy is viewing the board with this filter, she will only see the items assigned to her. On the other hand, if Cassandra is viewing the board with this filter, she will see a different view of only her assigned items!

This can save you loads of time and can help keep your board organized by preventing the need to create ten separate views for a ten person team, and all use one same view instead. 🙌

Note: The dynamic personal filter doesn’t apply when a team is assigned in the People column. This meaning, if you are part of a team that is assigned to an item, that item will not appear when using the dynamic person filter.


Save your filter for quick access

Once you've selected the conditions you're looking to filter by, you can save the filter and get quick access to it the next time. To do so, click on the "Save to this view" button on the top right corner, name the saved view as you wish, and you are good to go!



Understanding the conditions

The advanced filter offers a lot of condition options, with even more to come in the future. Use the key below as a guide to understanding what each one does for our most commonly used columns. Each column type will result in different options:








Hiding columns from your board

On top of adding filters to your board, we also offer the amazing ability to hide columns. This will allow you to see exactly what you need in just one glance. Check out this article to learn how it works!


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help! 

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