How to easily search for a board on iOS?

The search board option in the iOS app allows you to search for a board in just one click. Here is how it works! 🙌

Search for a board

Step 1

Click on the boards icon at the bottom left of your screen. 


Step 2

Type the name of the board you are looking for in the search bar as below: 


Click on the board's name to open it and you are all set! 😃


Sort your boards view

You can in which order you'd like your boards to show. It can either by default order or by recency. To change this setting, click on the top right icon as below and select your sort: 


It is useful if you are always checking the same boards to have the setting on "recency". This way, the boards you are viewing last will display first allowing you to navigate faster. 


There you go! If you have any other questions about navigating to your boards using the Android app, you can always reach out to us here