How to receive notifications on my Android device?

Receiving notifications on your phone is a great way to stay on top of everything wherever you are. This article will cover how to turn on your notifications and where to find them on your app. 

How to turn on my notifications?

Step 1

Login to your Android app and click on the person icon as below: 


Step 2

Click on your avatar as below: 


Step 3

Once on your profile, click on the drop down menu. 


Step 4

Select notifications as below: 


Step 5

Customize which notifications you'd like to receive by clicking on the checkbox,


And you are all set! 😊

Where can I see my notifications?

You will receive your notifications on your bell icon as below: 

You will receive notifications in the Bell Icon whenever someone:

  • Crowns you as an admin on the account
  • Assigns you to an item in a Person column
  • Mentions you in an update or a reply to an update
  • Mentions a team you are a part of in an update
  • Replies to an update you wrote
  • Subscribes you to an item or board
  • Deletes an item or board you are subscribed to
  • Archives an item or board you are subscribed to
  • For any automations you have activated

You can learn more about it right here

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