How to update a column on my Android device without scrolling?

Updating a column on your mobile phone becomes so easy with the card view. The card view is an overview of all your board's columns in one little card. You can see where everything stands and update your columns without having to scroll on your phone. Keep reading for a step by step explanation.

Step 1: click on the item

Click on the item's name you would like to update. In this example I want to update "test new dishes" so I will click on it. 


Step 2: Find your column

The card view of that specific item will open. There, you can see all your board's columns for that item as below: 


Step 3: Update your column

From there, you can update any of your columns. For example, I can change the status of my item to "done" as below:


And this is it! No more scrolling! 😊

For any further questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]