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The Calendar Widget

We know how much you LOVE the Calendar View because that's how much we love it too! While the Calendar View is a super organized tool to see all of your upcoming dates and events, it's limited to just one board. What's not limited is the Calendar Widget! The Calendar Widget is like one giant Calendar View for all of the dates you need across all of the relevant boards in your account! 🗓


How to add the Widget

If this will be the first Widget on your Dashboard, just click "Calendar" from your Dashboard's welcome page like in the image below! If you already have other Widgets, click  '+ Add Widget' at the top left corner of your Dashboard, 'Widget Center...' and then select 'Calendar'. 



Note:  The Calendar Widget is based on the Timeline or Date Columns, so you first need to input your dates and timelines into one or more of these columns before we can see the data displayed in the Widget. 


How to set it up

In the right panel, you can set up your Calendar Widget with completely customizable settings! Let's go through each of the categories of settings together!

  • Boards 

Under 'Boards', you can choose the boards that you want to see in your Widget. We've selected two boards with important dates to appear in our Calendar Widget:


The first board we've connected to our Calendar Widget is our band's events board. We use this board to track all of our upcoming concerts and events, categorized by type, including "Bars and Clubs", "Weddings and Formal Events", "Concert Halls", and events for "Children and Teens". We always track the event's date, what the status of the set is, which instruments are needed, and include our venue's contact information. 


The second board is a log of all of our band's weekly, monthly, and special rehearsals. We track what day of the week the rehearsal falls on with a specific date and attach the sheet music so that we're prepared ahead of the meeting. 


  • Groups

Under 'Choose groups', you can pick which groups you want to display data from. We've selected all groups across our two boards because we don't want to miss any concert or rehearsal dates! 



Note:  All items shown in the Calendar Widget are colored according to what board they belong to! In these example images, you can find 2 colors corresponding to our 2 boards used in this Widget.  


  • Timeline or Date Columns

If you have more than one Timeline and/or Date Column, choose which ones you want to display in your Widget under 'Choose which columns...'. We've selected all 3 of the connected Columns because we want to include all dates and timelines across our two boards. You can choose whether or not you'd like to see your subitems appear as events in your calendar. Just check the box beside the Date or Timeline Column under "subitems" to view them in your widget!


Subitems will appear in your calendar as grey rectangles with the subitems icon and name of the subitem. While all other events in your calendar widget are marked as the name of the item and then the name of the board it belongs to, subitems are marked with the subitems icon, and then contain the name of the subitem next to the name of the parent item. 



  • Color by

Your widget automatically color codes the events according to which board they come from. For example, when you see blue events, you know they are from your "Rehearsal Schedule" board, and when you see pink events, you know that they are from your "Jungle Tunes" board. But you can use the drop-down menu to choose how you want them to be colored! You can choose to color by boards, groups (using the colors of your groups), Status Column (using the colors of your labels), or People! If you have more than one Status Column on your boards, you can choose which one to use!




  •  Additional Settings

 Under 'Additional Settings' you can choose to show the exact time of your event! 


  • Timeframe

Just above your calendar, you can choose a timeframe! Here, we can choose whether we want to see all of the dates over a day, week, or month! We chose "Weeks" in the example below, and we can click the arrows to scroll right and left in our calendar to display different weeks, or click "Today" to jump to today in our Calendar!

When "Show hours" is selected, we can see all of our items time-slotted into the Calendar at the right hour when we view our Calendar in weeks or days. 


Choose how to display the Widget

After we finish outlining our settings, we can choose how we'd like this Widget to be displayed in our Dashboard! We can display it as:

  • "Calendar" showing all of the items from our boards in a calendar
  • "Table" displaying the groups of items across all of our boards exactly how they would appear in each of their boards. This is a really great option if you want to track dates and timelines across several boards and need to glance at all of them together
  • "Split Mode" (as seen in the image below) combining both views together so you can see your items in a calendar view along with the original data from your boards!



Filter Your Calendar

If we don't want to see all of the dates and timelines on our boards, we can click the tornado icon to filter out our information! 🌪

We have most of our sets ready to go, but we aren't prepared for our events for children and teens, so we've filtered by our group "Children and Teens" and by "Working on it" and "Stuck" in our Status Column! We also filtered by dates "This Month" so that we can view all of the upcoming events that we are not yet prepared for so that we know exactly where to put in a little extra effort this month. 

If we want to return to this view the next time we open our Dashboard, we can click 'Save to this widget', and our Widget will remain will this filter until we click 'Clear' in our filter menu. 


Doesn't our Calendar Widget look awesome in our band's Dashboard? Now we're off to add more Widgets! 



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!