How do notifications work? [New Layout]

There are 4 different places where you can receive notifications from the Inbox, the bell icon, your email address, and via SMS messages. Continue reading to understand better how it works.  

The Inbox

The Inbox is where you will see all updates from board you are subscribed to, even if you are not specifically mentioned in that update or assigned to each pulse. You can think of this as a news feed, where you can see everything your team has posted on those specific boards which you're interested in. 



You can use the “filter by board” feature on the right of your account to only show updates from certain boards at a time.


You can also click on “Close all” to close all updates on each board at a time.


If you want to stop seeing updates for a particular board in your inbox, you can unsubscribe from the board.

The Bell Icon 🔔

You will receive notifications in the Bell Icon whenever someone:

  • Crowns you as an admin on the account
  • Assigns you to a pulse in a Person column
  • Mentions you in an update or a reply to an update
  • Mentions a team you are a part of in an update
  • Replies to an update you wrote
  • Subscribes you to a pulse or board
  • Deletes a pulse or board you are subscribed to
  • Archives a pulse or board you are subscribed to

You will also receive Bell notifications for any automations you have activated on your board (keep reading below to learn more). 


Email Notifications

  • What are they for?

 By default, all email notifications will be turned on for each new user, but you can go to your profile settings to change that. You will get an email notification whenever someone:

  • Assigns you to a Pulse
  • Replies to your update
  • Updates a Pulse you're an owner of
  • Updates a Pulse you're subscribed to
  • Replies on a conversation you're a part of
  • Signs up after you invited them
  • Does not sign up after you invited them
  • Mentions you in a post or reply
  • Subscribes you to a Board/Pulse/Team
  • Signs up with an email address from your account domain

In addition to these scenarios, you will also receive email notifications for your board automations (see below). You may also choose whether or not you would like to receive the daily digest email and daily emails about new subscribers on a pulse you didn't write an update on yet.

  • How can I change my e-mail notifications?

If you want to receive less emails, and stick to one place for your notifications (or maybe the exact opposite, have all your notifications be sent to your email), you can easily set this up and manage in the "My Profile" section of your avatar!

To manage your email notifications, just follow these steps-

  • Click on your Profile Picture (avatar)


  • Then click My Profile
  • Click Notifications                  

Screen_Shot_2019-02-13_at_14.19.39.pngNotifications with Automations

Using automations, you can now expand and customize the bell and email notifications which you and your teammates receive! Simply set the trigger (the action that must occur) and select who you wish to notify.

Here are some examples of the automation notifications you can now create on your boards:


"Someone" in the automations can be a specific person, a team, board subscribers, the assignee of the pulse or a guest.
Note: These notifications will be sent to the bell icon. They will also be sent as an email notification to the specific recipient (unless they have unchecked the option in their profile notification settings).

You can learn more about how to automations work and how to add them to your boards here.

SMS Notifications with Twilio

You can opt to send and receive notifications via SMS also using automations, as described above. Choose from the following scenarios:


As above, the "someone" can be a specific person, a team, board subscribers, the assignee of the pulse or a guest.

To set this up you will need:

  • A Twilio account
  • At least 1 paid phone number
  • Your Account SID and Auth token.

Learn more about setting up your Twilio account and automations here.  

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