Automations and Integrations pricing

Automations and integrations are still a work in progress and we're still figuring out the pricing for both of them. Since it's not yet finalized, we wanted to share some of our considerations and be as transparent as possible. 

Available for all plans

We want any tier of pricing to be able to use it - it's a fundamental ability in the platform, and every tier should be able to enjoy it.

A model based on usage

We can't tie it to the "regular" subscription pricing, we have to tie it with the usage of the feature - The reason is it takes up a lot of resources on top of the regular resources which are used support the users in the system. A team of 5 can create millions of triggers, based on the integration they use, and a team of 100 can create very few triggers. Therefore, the model will have to reflect usage rather than number of users.

Fair and simple pricing

We want it to be super fair and super simple -
For building a fair pricing model we're taking two factors into consideration. Users: Accounts with more users will require more automations / integrations. Tier: Accounts in a higher pricing tier will get more automations / integrations.
For making it as simple as possible, we want a model that will be very easy to start with and allow teams to grow with it, without needing to think on every single automation / integration added.

A solid infrastructure for everyone

We're building for the long-term - We want automations / integrations to be a solid infrastructure for everyone to build on, and see it as a critical component for the workflow. We're looking into ways to reduce costs as volume increases.

If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to our customer success team at We are here and happy to help 24/7.