What can we help you with?

Are there professional services available to help me set up my account?

For as much as our customer success team does in terms of creating webinars and providing support resources to help you get started, we never work alone! We have a network of trusted partners all over the world whose purpose is to help you use monday.com to your fullest potential.


How can monday.com partners help me?

Our partners offer paid assistance with account customization and setup, team onboarding, building custom integrations, and onsite training.They’re also available to give paid assistance and training in your own language, if you’re not a native English speaker!


Who are monday.com’s partners?

Our partners work with us to help bring monday.com to your team as seamlessly as possible. If your teams’ needs sound like they fit within the realm of offerings by our partners, you can take a look at who our trusted partners are here.


How can I get in touch with monday.com partners?

Wow, you have some great questions :) if you’re interested in working with a partner, you can fill out this form and someone will be in touch shortly with more information and estimated costs for the service you’re looking for.