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Custom integrations

2019 is an amazing year here at monday.com and we started it with releasing our amazing integration center that gives our users the ability to use monday.com as a hub that reflects data from Jira to Gmail and from Typeform up to Shopify. 

But ever had the thought if your monday.com can actually integrate with your invoice platform, or even create a two-way integration with your tailor-made ERP? It's now possible :)

How to do it?

Our network of partners around the world is able to provide paid assistance with custom setups that you need, we will make sure to pick the best partner that also speak your language.  

Step 1

Fill out the form for custom integrations, sharing with us your details, exact needs, and the planned budget. - Link  
Step 2

In a couple of days, one of our partners will reach out with more information and an estimated cost for the relevant service.


Note: Custom integrations is one type of professional services that our partners               offer. for more information about the rest of the services visit this page - Link


P.S- No worries, all personal information is treated as strictly confidential by monday.com


And like always, if you have any questions about this or anything else in this article, feel free to reach out to us at customer success at [email protected]