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The Llama Farm Widget

We have created something you never knew you needed but won't be able to live without. You can now view the status distribution of your tasks in the form of a llama farm!Llama on Google Android 9.0Llama on Google Android 9.0Llama on Google Android 9.0

The Llama farm widget will display a llama for each item in your board and the color of the llama will match the status of a specific status column in that board! 


How to add the Widget

To add the Llama Farm Widget to your Dashboard, just click  '+ Add Widget' at the top left corner of your Dashboard and then click 'More' to launch the Dashboards Center. 


Select 'Llama Farm' to add this awesome Widget to your Dashboard.



Note:  The Llama Farm Widget is based on the Status Column, so you first need to input your data into one or more of these columns before we can see the data displayed in the Widget. 


How to set it up

In the right panel, you can set up your Llama Farm Widget with completely customizable settings! Let's go through each of the categories of settings together!

  • Boards 

We have a few important components that track regularly in our family-run business. At our goat farm, the most important thing is the health and working status of our goats, so we created this board, dividing our goats into groups by age, and updating their Status from "A+ Milker" to "Sick" or "Past Her Prime" so we always know how much milk to expect at any given time. 


Our next board tracks the production status of our new labels and packaging for each of our products, from the brainstorming stage all the way to having stores restock with our newly labeled products in full circulation!


Our last board tracks the status of all of our shipments to grocery stores. 


First, under 'Boards', we can choose whatever boards we want to see in our Widget, and under 'Choose groups', we can pick which groups we want to display data from. We want to see all three of these boards on our Llama Farm Widget, but for now, let's just include our first board so that we know how much milk to anticipate this month.


  • Groups

Now, we get to choose which groups to include in our Widget. it's important for us to get a good picture of the working status of all of the goats on our farm, so we've included all of our groups here: 


  • Status Columns

If you have more than one Status Column on each of your boards, choose which ones you want to display in your Widget under 'Choose which "Status" columns...'. In this example, we only have one Status Column per board, so the selection is made automatically in this case. 

Tip: A llama will be created for each item in the color that corresponds to the color of your Status label, so don't be afraid to make your board colorful and bright!



  • Additional Settings

1. Replace your llamas

You can choose how often you want to replace your llamas with new llamas. Each time your llamas are "refreshed" through this setting, all of your llamas will disappear and only new items or status changes will appear as llamas in your farm!


2. Change their size

You can have the size of your llama be representative of a value in a Number Column on the board. For example, we've chosen to set our llamas' size by our Number Column, "Liters Milked". This means that the more liters we've milked from each goat, the larger the llama who represents her will be! For example, you can see below that Lulu (marked in red to symbolize that she's "Past Her Prime" and retired) is the largest llama because she is the oldest and has been with us the longest, and has, therefore, produced the most liters of milk. All of the yellow llamas are small because yellow represents the male goats who haven't produced any milk. 


Choose how to display the Widget

After we finish outlining our settings, we can choose how we'd like this Widget to be displayed in our Dashboard! We can display it as:

  • "Llama Farm" showing all of the items from our boards in a cute little animated farm Llama on Google Android 9.0👨‍🌾
  • "Table" displaying the groups of items across all of our boards exactly how they would appear in each of their boards. This is a really great option if you want to track all statuses across several boards and need to glance at all of them together
  • "Split Mode" (as seen in the image below) combining both views together so you can see your items in a visual animation along with the original data from your boards!



Filter Your Llamas

If we don't want to see all of the items on our boards, we can click the tornado icon to filter out our information! 🌪

In this example, we're displaying our shipment tracking board in our Llama Farm Widget. Let's filter our Widget to only show us the products that are set to be delivered today and tomorrow! 

If we want to return to this view the next time we open our Dashboard, we can click 'Save to this widget', and our Widget will remain will this filter until we click 'Clear' in our filter menu. 



Holiday Llamas

The feature you never knew you couldn't live without just got even better! Your llamas now get dressed up for the holidays!  👻  🎃  🕸️


A few days before the holiday, your llamas will transform into the appropriate holiday attire and atmosphere until a few days after the holiday.

If you want to keep your llamas serious and suitable for all seasons, you can always disable them by clicking "Hide theme" under the "Halloween Theme" settings, and your llamas will go back to grazing and hoola hooping. 


Stay tuned for Hannukkah and Christmas themed llamas! 🎄. 🎅   🕎   ❄️


Enjoy watching your llamas trot around, and don't let those tricky little guys escape!




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!

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