What are members and viewers?

Team members are your teammates or employees in your department or organization with whom you work with everyday! They can see all information on Main Boards, and can be invited to collaborate easily on both shareable and private boards. There are two types of team members: members and viewers. Keep reading to learn more! 👇

How to invite a team member? 

Step 1

To invite a new team member to join your account, click on the invite team members button located on the bottom left of your screen as below:


Step 2

Once done, enter the email address of the team member you would like to invite. 


Step 3

Pick whether you would like your team member to be an admin, a member or a viewer. Once done, click on invite and you are done! Check out this article to learn about how to see your pending invitations. 


What are team members?  

A team member is a type of member that have editing access. Keep reading to learn more about what team members can do: 

What can a team member do? 

A team member can do the following (as well as the admin of course):

  • Create and edit a board
  • Create and edit items
  • Create and edit folders
  • Invite other members inside a board and item
  • Viewing capabilities of all main boards
  • Be invited to shareable or private boards
  • Edit his profile
  • Communicate and add attachments  

How many team members can I invite in my account?

The amount of team members you can invite depends on the plan you have purchased. For example, if you are on the Standard plan 10 users, this means you can invite up to 10 team members. For more information about the pricing, check out this article

What are viewers?

Viewers are another type of user that you can invite to your monday.com account. Exactly like team members, they have access to the main board section and to the shareable or private boards you decide to share with them. The difference is that they are only able to view boards, with no editing rights whatsoever. 

How to invite a viewer?

To invite a viewer to join your monday.com account, click on "invite new members" located on the upper right of your screen. Enter the email address of your viewer and select the option "viewer" as below: 


What can a viewer do?  

Unlike team members, viewers can only view the information. They are not able to edit anything besides their profile.

A viewer can:

  • View all the boards of the main board section
  • Open a item and read the updates
  • Be invited to the shareable or private boards
  • Edit their profile section
  • Invite new viewers (unless the admin blocks this setting). 
  • Open the board views 
  • Be assigned to a item
  • Be added to a team 
  • Export boards to Excel

A viewer cannot:

  • Create/delete a new board
  • Make any changes to any content on a board
  • Make any changes to the structure of a board
  • Change any setting of the board
  • Add updates to a item or like an update posted by someone else
  • Be assigned as owner of a board
  • Create a team

This is what a viewer profile looks like: 


Note the message in the top right hand side which explains that the viewer "can view only".

How many viewers can I invite in my account?

You can invite an unlimited amount of viewers regardless the plan you have purchased. Viewers will not count towards your billing. Viewers can themselves invite other viewers to see the account unless the admin of the account restricts this setting


What is an admin?

An admin is kind of like a super team member with some cool super monday.com powers. But really, the admin has the ability to oversee the entire account; managing everything from members and boards to security and billing. This allows for one team member (or more if you choose) to manage his/her team effectively and securely. To learn more about what an admin can do, check out this article

If you have any questions further questions, please feel free to reach out to our customer success team at support@monday.com. We are available 24/7 and happy to assist.