I'm not receiving emails from monday.com

If you or someone on your team is not receiving the confirmation email to sign up, or if you are not receiving email notifications from us, it could be caused by one of the issues below. Check these out to see if any of these solutions solves your problem :)

The user is deactivated

The user may have already been invited to your account, and they just need to have their profile reactivated to regain access.

Solution: If you are an admin, go to your profile picture in the upper right of the account and select Admin > My Team > Disabled

From there, you can see if the user's email address is already in the system, and you can click on the pencil to the right of their name to reactivate their profile.

From there, they should be able to log in and access the account.  

 Tip: Check out this article for more details about activating and deactivating users or changing team members to guests.


The email went to a spam folder

Solution: Have your team member or guest check their spam folder to make sure the email did not end up there.

Notifications are blocked

Solution: Make sure that notifications@monday.com is whitelisted through your email client. For instructions on how to whitelist an email address for common email clients, (like Gmail or Outlook), you can check out this article right here.


 Tip: If none of these solutions solves your problem, let us know! You can email us at support@monday.com for a fast response :)