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What are monday.com reliability statistics?

Have you ever had the thought - "What will happen if my project management tool will crash", or "How can I know if the platform is reliable" or even "How can I convince my fellow team members that monday.com will be there 24/7?" 

We have all the answers for you!

Combining culture and statistics goals

One of our main company KPI's and culture goals at monday.com is to give our users the most professional and quickest 24/7 support with an average of 7 minutes for every reply, and it doesn't end here. 

We also want our users to be able to use the platform in any given time from any given place and for that we have built a strong platform performance with top-notch response time. 


Want to check it out? Go ahead and visit- http://status.monday.com/


On the main page, you will be able to check our Up-time stats from the last week. 

If you want to dive into past months statistics, average response time and geographical compare, click on -"monday.com login" 




For example, to check the last 10 months statistics, click on "history"- "view all months" and you will be able to see a chart of the last 10 months (and more).

We have never dipped below 99.91%, pretty cool, isn't it?



Help us keep our stats incredible!

At monday.com, we believe our users are an integral part of our success and that's the case with our reliability as well! Please keep informing us with issues in the platform, bugs, and feature requests and our support will immediately address your issue to our development team to assure a smooth use and awesome response time of the platform :)


If you have any questions about this or anything else in this article, feel free to reach out to us at customer success at [email protected]