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The Mirror Column

Need to store the same information in multiple places across your account? Want to update separate columns without the hassle of doing double the work? Thanks to the Mirror Column, you can do exactly that. By connecting your boards and mirroring certain pieces of information (columns) from one board to another, you can easily make changes to any one board and the changes will be reflected in both boards. Increase visibility and see all important information in one single place with Mirror Column! 


Note: In order to add the Mirror Column, you'll need to have the Connect Boards Column. The Connect Boards Column will connect the two boards together, while the Mirror Column will reflect information from one board to another creating more visibility. 


Adding the Mirror Column

Go to the Column Center and search for "Mirror" in the search bar:



After adding the Mirror Column, you will immediately be prompted to add a Connect Boards Column to create a link to the second board in order to complete the setup. Click on the blue button written "Create a new link": 




Clicking on this button will automatically create a new Connect boards column on the board.




There, you'll need to select the exact board you'd like to connect to and link each item to its respective item on the connected board. To learn more about setting up the Connect boards column, read this.

Now, go ahead and click on any empty cell in the Mirror column which will open up a window to select the column you're interested in mirroring.


Once you've selected the column and linked the items on the Connect boards column, the mirrored information will automatically populate and be reflected into your board. 


Now you can make sure everything is in context at all times!

Tip: You can display many different columns from one board on another by adding in multiple Mirror columns!


Customize your Mirror Column

When mirroring a column you can customize how it is displayed on the board where it will be mirrored. For example, when selecting the Status columns to mirror, you can customize the column summary at the bottom of the column to show "All labels" or only "What's Done". 


Alternatively, if you are mirroring a Numbers column, you can determine exactly how you'd like this to be displayed - as the sum, average, minimum value etc. 


Each column will have it's own customizations! Make sure to check them out 🙌


Editing your Mirror Column

If at any point you'd like to change the mirrored column to a different column, you can do that directly from the Column settings! Click on the small arrow next to the column header, then "Column settings". This will bring you back to the window where you can select which Mirror column to display.



Mirror multiple linked items with the roll-up 

The Connect boards column allows you the option to link up multiple items from the connected board to one item on the current board (think of multiple tasks relating to one project!). Once multiple items are linked, the roll-up feature provide an easy, clean way to view the multiple reflected items. It does this by providing aggregated data mirrored from another board. 

For example, if you have multiple items connected and you mirror the Status column, you'll get an aggregated view of all those statuses as shown below. Just a small reminder that you can customize what kind of column summary you'd like to see, whether it's "All labels" or only "What's Done" from the Column Settings.



Use Cases

The Mirror column is an excellent way to link information from one board to another to optimize your workflow. Not only can you update information in one board and have it automatically update information in another, but it can also help to add more visibility between departments in your organization.  We've added a few examples below to help you get started!

  • Use Case #1: High-Level and Low-Level Boards

Let's say you have a high-Level board that displays an overview of all projects going on in that year/quarter/month and you would like to display more specific data from a more detailed low-level board. You can simply mirror information from the low-level board directly onto your high-level board so that all stakeholders have a quick and easy overview of exactly what's going on.

Below, we're mirroring the aggregated status of all tasks from the low-level board to the specific project it relates to on the high-level board. Keep in mind, you can choose to mirror the Timeline column, People column or any other column that will be insightful for you!


  • Use Case #2: Link your Projects board to your Clients 

The Mirror column is useful if you are working with many clients on different projects and would like to easily keep track of and refer back to the client's details at all times. Let's say you have a Client's board where you store all information about your clients- their contact details, payments and more. Then, you have your Projects board where you manage all your ongoing projects at any given time. With the Mirror column, you can make sure your projects are always tied to their respective clients and that you have all important information on hand! We've added two Mirror columns to reflect the client's email address as well as Payments until now.


There you have it! Start optimizing your workflows with the Mirror column!


If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to our Customer Success Team at support@monday.com.