SAML Azure

If you haven't read our first article about SAML, we recommend you to check out this article right here prior reading this one. This article will cover how to integrate Azure to help manage seamless single sign-on for your members.

Set up Azure for

Step 1

In the Azure portal, go to Azure Active Directory as show in the screenshot below: 


Step 2

Select Enterprise Applications


Step 3

Create a new application 


Once created, rename your application. 

Step 4

The only configuration that is necessary is the Single sign-on under that you will find under Properties as below: 


After selecting Single sign-on, select SAML. 


Step 5




Integrate with your IDP


At the very bottom of the Azure configuration page for the Single sign-on, there is a link that points you to the necessary configuration needed on the configuration page. 


Use the values above to configure the part as described in the following article:

If you have any further questions about setting up SSO with, feel free to reach out to our customer success team anytime right here