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How to Sort Columns and Items

Sorting your items is a really easy way to keep yourself organized.  It helps you understand what you have to do and in what order so that you can get all your tasks done. This article will show you a few ways you can sort your board to show your items in the order that works best for you!


How to sort items 

Sometimes, a group can get a little bit overwhelming when it contains a lot of items. To make it easier to find what you're looking for, you can sort your items! Let's take a look at two different ways to sort items.

  • Sort items manually

If you want to sort your items in a particular order, you can click and drag each item to exactly where you want to see it within your group, and even between groups!


  • Sort items alphabetically

If you have a lot of items in your board, it might be helpful to sort your items in alphabetical order! Hover above your first column (the names of your items) and click the arrows that appear in the center, like this:


Now, you can see that all of the items in each group are in alphabetical order, descending from A-Z. You can click "Clear" to revert the items to their original order, or "Save" to keep this order in your board every time you visit!



Tip:  Click the sort arrows one more time to sort in the opposite order! You'll see the items in each group in reverse alphabetical order, ascending from Z-A! 


How to sort with columns

You can choose to sort your items by columns! This will have a different meaning depending on which column you want to sort with. For example, If you want to sort your items by the Date Column, they will be sorted in chronological descending order from the earliest date at the top to the latest date at the bottom. If you want to sort your items by the People Column, then the items will be grouped by the person assigned (with the people ordered in alphabetical order). 

To sort your items with columns, hover over the top of the column, and click the arrows icon like this:



Another way to sort is to click the arrow to the right of the column's name to launch the column's settings menu. Click "Sort Column" and then "Sort Column" in the sub-menu, like this:



How to save your sort 

In the screenshot below, we've sorted our items with the People Column. Now, our items are sorted according to who they are assigned to in the People Column (in alphabetical order).

You can save the sort that you've applied to your items so that they will remain in this order every time you return to your board. If you hover above the column, you can click "Clear" to revert the items to their original order, or "Save" to keep this order in your board every time you visit!



Note:  If you don't want to save this sort, it will remain in your board until you refresh the page, exit this board, or click "Clear". 


When you click "Save" above the column, the sort will be saved for the entire board. If you want to save this sort only for one group, you can click the arrow to the right of the group's name to open the column's settings menu. From here, click "Sort Column", and then "Save sort for this group". 



Subsort with multiple columns

You can sort your items with multiple columns! This means that the first column you choose to sort with will be the primary sort. All columns you choose to sort your items with after the first column will be subsorts. Let's look at this example below to understand how it works.

In the board below, we've first sorted with the People Column, meaning that our items are ordered according to the person they are assigned to in the People Column.


Our second sort was the Status Column, meaning that the People Column sort still applies, but within each person's items, they will be sorted according to labels from the Status Column.


Our third sort is using the Date Column, and is applied in addition to the first two sorts. On our board, this translates as our first four items being all assigned to Kayla, organized from top to bottom in order of which status labels come first, and because three of these items are all labelled as "In Stores", they are then ordered chronologically. 



Let's look at two ways to subsort with multiple columns at once.

  • Subsort with one click

To choose your primary sort, click the sort (arrows) icon above the column of your choice! For your secondary sort, hold down the ⌘ (or Ctrl) key on your keyboard and click the sort icon above your second column with your mouse. You can repeat this as many times as you'd like, as long as you have enough items to sort with all of the parameters you choose to set. 



  • Subsort with the settings menu

The primary sort can be set by clicking the sort icon above the column of your choice, or by clicking the arrow beside the column's title and clicking "Sort Column" and then "Sort Column". The second sort (the first subsort) can be added when you click the arrow beside the name of the column to launch its settings menu. Then, select "Sort Columns" and "Add Subsort". You can repeat for as many columns as you have on your board, if you'd like! 



Note:  If you click "Sort Column" rather than "Add Subsort", you will replace all previous sorts with this one instead of adding an additional subsort. 




If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out to our Customer Success Team at [email protected]. We are here and happy to help 24/7.