Get your team committed to!

If you’re reading these lines you’re probably looking to ramp-up your team’s presence (or not, you curiosity is welcomed!). You’ve encountered one of our ads, signed-up for our trial account and saw some untapped productivity potential for your amazing team! Boards built, groups thought-up and items customized perfectly but activity is still too slow, what now?

We’ve compiled some unorthodox tips for getting your team going - once they’re there, we’re confident the platform will do the rest :) We think it’s safe to mention that for most cases teams gain traction with project management tools through employees, team leaders and department heads determined to work better together. Here’s where comes in; our platform makes it easy for every individual on your team to collaborate and communicate... with the right nudge.

So we thought of ways to get your guys going, sell them on the platform that we know will (after some guidance) sell itself and this is what we came up with.

The Weekly Kick-off meeting -

You know these right? Everyone gathers after a majestic weekend only to find that the work they left behind is still there (the nerves!). And so you come together, each of you bringing in a piece of paper with what your weekly to do’s or even worse - an outdated Excel spreadsheet, updated by 30% of the team, carrying 15% of the workload.

The meeting goes as planned, not as productive as desired. The tasks will change by lunch time, the workflow will double but all you, as a manager, have to go by is a faint memory of who actually seemed busiest during the meeting.


You’re probably thinking, “yeah, that’s the reason why I signed-up, duh!” and you’re right! Now let’s talk about roping your team in as well. A good tip for your on-boarding will be to invite members as soon as you start with us. Assigning a task and communicating in context can’t happen unless you have someone to communicate with and to :)

Back to the matter at hand, send your guys an email, tell them you have an important meeting that came up last minute. Have them update (on a board you’ve already prepared with the help of our board templates), with the statuses of all new and ongoing tasks and have them let you know how long they spent with the platform doing so. You’ll receive various time estimations, some low, some high but either way you’ll see that it took them a lot less time than the meeting would have taken :)

Remember, every minute saved in the workplace awards an intern angel their wings!

The next Monday, have the meeting as scheduled, gather everyone around the table but request your guys to update live, on the spot. Some won’t bring their laptops but everyone will have their cellphones at hand (it’s 2018) :) Once the updates are up, in context, tell them that now it’s your turn to process and respond - they’ll get a notification with your opinion, fancy :)

The Vacations Request Board -

I love the fact that simply mentioning the word ‘Vacation’ reminds you of your last one :) Now let me show you how you’ll announce your next one :) A vacation board is probably the easiest way to get people on-board to the platform, can you imagine someone refusing to go skiing due to cold feet?!

I’ve created a Vacations board as an example and I’ve even provided you with my picks for customized status labels :) Announce this one, add all of the team members to it and watch people get their mojo going!

One last thing, ask the guys to @ mention you after completing an item (or vacation request, on top of assigning you) - it’ll save you the time of teaching them that one as well :)


The Lunch board - 

This one is another instant classic :) People love their food, it’s a big part of your work day and an even bigger part of your daily social interactions! We’d actually leave this one for your most notorious “foodie” on the team to build and upkeep, treat it like any other task, food is serious business!

Just imagine how awesome a team rolodex of restaurants would be, with our new Link,  Ratings, Vote and Location columns included! You could even add pictures of the dishes and let your guys know how you feel about your dish using a GIF :)


The Meeting Topics Board

“If you build it, they will come” is Field of Dreams’ most prominent quote but we’d like to re-write that just a tad, “If you build it, they’ll HAVE to come” :)

What do we mean? Open up a board named Meeting Pre Qualifiers (or PQs for short) and inform the team, on the board itself that from now on, to induce focus and save time, every meeting will be previewed by the creation of an item with the issues requiring attention.

This will make the platform second-nature! The on-boarding process is tricky but once the platform becomes a part of the team’s daily routine you’ll be able to get them to progress to other, more elaborate engagement!

The Work Schedule -

This one is the cornerstone of every business operating in a shift / part-time format. It’s also an employee’s favorite thing to keep tabs on :)

By incorporating this function into you’re not only getting the team to spend some considerable time with the platform, you’re also allowing them to understand some of’s most important features, namely communication. Team members will be able to use the Updates feed to request shift changes by tagging you and the would-be replacement all while understanding what generates notifications and where.


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