for sales teams

Looking to use for sales teams? You can use to work and keep track of your sales processes and projects, to manage client leads, use the platform as a CRM, and make sure your sales team works efficiently and stays on top of all leads. Always know where each team member stands, give them recognition, and keep your sales processes transparent and easily visible to all team members.

You can use our sales templates to give you ideas on how to structure your boards for sales purposes. You can manage your sales process more efficiently by using the Sales Process Template we offer: 


The board is organized into two main groups:

July - The group where you keep track of your monthly leads. You can also add additional groups for several months.

Unassigned leads - leads that are not yet assigned to a specific month, but you still want to keep track of them in an organized way and make sure they don't fall through the cracks.

To add all your sales information and organize your work you can use the columns. In this example we've used the following columns (from left to right):

Sales Rep - Use a Person column to assign each lead to one of your team members! They will receive a notification letting them know they've been assigned to a task (they can also get a push notification on their phones, if they have our mobile app, and an e-mail notification if they wish so).

Stage is a Status column. You can edit the default labels to help you keep track of the status of your leads. For example: Prospect leads, Negotiation, or Lost leads.

World Clock - Add a World Clock column to visually see where each of your leads is located, and help you better plan your communication with each lead. Also, it ill will help you avoid the uncomfortable mistake of calling someone too early (or too late)!

Last Contacted is a date column, that you can use to keep track when the client was contacted for the last time.

Deal Size is a numbers column. You can select any unit or currency you'd like, and also which function you'd like to see at the bottom of each group (sum of total deals, average, etc).

Close Probability is also a numbers column, where the unit has been set as %, and the function at the bottom of each group as average probability.

Forecast value is a Formula column, where the forecast value equals the deal size multiplied by the close probability.

Phone is a Phone column, that will allow you to keep track of all your leads' numbers and reach them in an easy way.

Lead Quality is a Rating column, where you can rank the quality of each of your leads. 

Use the Updates section (click on the item name to open it) to communicate with your team and store more details. For example, include any relevant updates on your lead, attach contracts, listing agreements and more...


Here is another example on how you can create a Sales Dashboard:


The board is organized into three main groups:

Closed Won - The group where you keep track of your already closed deals.

Farming - Prospect leads that have still not been closed.

Pitched - Not Interested - Leads that are no longer relevant.

In this example we use the following columns:

Sales Rep - A Person column to assign each lead to one of your team members.

Stage- is a Status column. The labels represent the stage of the deal: "Won" and "Prospect".

First Contacted Date- is a Creation Log column, which adds the creator and date of creation for each item automatically!

Date Closed Won - Is a Date column.

Deal Size - Is a Numbers Column.

World Clock - Is a World Clock column, that tracks the time zone of the specific lead.

Location - Is a Location column, which tracks the specific location of each lead or deal.

Filter your board in any way you want to easily find specific leads. For instance, I can use the "Filter by" option to find leads that are assigned to a specific team member, and that are currently under "Prospect":


You can also use the Boards Views to add another dimension to your work. You can use the Map to see the locations of all your leads, the Chart to graphically see that status of your leads, among others.


We have incorporated Sales templates that you can use at your convenience, such as Lead Management, Weekly ToDo's, Sales CRM, Document for Sales, among others. Please remember that you can adapt and restructure those templates in any way you want, they are just ideas on how you may structure your board! You can also create your own board from scratch, and make your own template so that you can use it as frequently as you need!

Looking to use as a CRM? This article will guide you some tips on how you can set that up. 

If you have any questions or need help with building this board - just let us know at We are here for you 24/7!