How to get my manager to look at

So you've found the platform, loved it during the 2 week trial but the decision to adopt sits with someone else. It won't be hard to show them the value it can bring so let's move on to the main attractions:

1. Collaboration

We've developed the platform as a collaboration tool for teams, clients and freelancers. The scope of this goes way beyond just project management so forget about being drowned in emails as you can now use for all internal discussions (more on this in our communication guide).

There's also the option of bringing in clients & frequent collaborators as guests within the Shareable boards of your account.

2. Flexibility

The platform is modular and very customizable. Originally, it had 7 columns to choose from but we're constantly taking feedback from our users and looking to improve it. As as result, our product team & developers have worked very hard on rolling out new features + enhancing existing ones and we've put together a new column center with more than a dozen new ones!

You can review the column types HERE.

3. Transparency & accountability

There are 3 board types: Main, Shareable & Private. All the users on the account will have visibility over the Main boards and this is where we recommend most of the work take place. Of course, if you need to keep sensitive information separate, the Shareable & Private boards can be used in this sense as only their subscribers will have access to them.

The Person column (and more recently, the Team one) is used to assign users & guests to tasks/pulses, so you're always aware of who's doing what.

When it comes to the pulse updates, the eye icon will show you who's viewed it:

4. Ease of use

We've made things visual and interactive so getting familiar with the basics of and how it works will be effortless. I think this 60 second video sums it up nicely. We highly recommend you join one of our live webinars, as well. If you reach out to us through [email protected], we can also share recordings.

5. Support

This leads us to our last (but definitely not least) attraction, which consists of our lovely Customer Success Team. We offer 24/7 coverage and strive for a 10 min response time, which is considerably lower than the industry average of 18 hours. You'll find that no matter what issue, question or request you may have, we'll make the right connections and resolve it in record time!

If you'd like to see how other teams are using, please see our user stories section.

We're here if you need help with anything! :)

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