The Formula library

Formula Field Reference

Column names with multiple words should be wrapped in braces: SUM({apples},{oranges})

Formulas may include parentheses () to change the order of operations: (Apples + Oranges) / Guests 

Available columns

Text, Status, Person, Numbers, Date, Rating, Vote, Check, Country, Creation Log


  • Text functions 

Function: Concatenate
Description: This operator concatenate text values into a single text value
Example: CONCATENATE(“I”,”love”,””) =>

Function: Upper
Description: Convert a specified string to uppercase
Example: UPPER(“”) => MONDAY.COM


  • Logical functions

Function: AND
Description: Checks if all the given logical conditions are true and if sop returns true
Example: AND(3>1, 4>2) => True

Function: OR
Description: Returns true if any one of the argument is true
Example: OR(3 >10, 4>2) => True

Function: XOR
Description: Returns a logical exclusive Or of all the arguments
Example: XOR(3>0, 2>9) => True

Function: TRUE
Description: Logical true value
Example: IF(3>5 = TRUE, “a”,”b”) => “b”

Function: FALSE
Description: Logical false value
Example: IF(3>5 = “FALSE”, “a”, “b”)=> “a”

Function: IF
Description: Checks if a condition is met. If so, returns the first value, otherwise returns the other
Example: IF({some columns}>100, “big deal”,”small deal”)


  • Numeric functions

Function: SUM
Description: Sums up all the given numbers
Example: SUM(2,3,8) => 13

Function: MINUS
Description: Difference of two numbers
Example:MINUS(5,3) => 2

Function: MULTIPLY
Description: Product of two numbers
Example:MULTIPLY(5,2) => 10

Function: DIVIDE
Description: One number divided by another
Example: DIVIDE(10,5) => 2

Function: AVERAGE
Description: Returns the average of the given numbers
Example: AVERAGE(1,2,3) => 2

Function: COUNTS
Description: Counts the number of numerical items
Example: COUNT(1,2,"a") =>2

Function: ROUND
Description: Rounds a number to a specific number of digits
Example: ROUND(1.123456, "2) => 1.12

Function: MOD
Description: Returns the remainder of the division of the given number in the divisor
Example:MOD(10,3) => 1

Function: ROUNDUP
Description: Always rounds a number up
Example: ROUNDUP(1.1,0) => 2

Description: Always rounds a number down
Example: ROUNDDOWN(1.1,0) => 1

Function: LOG
Description: Gets the algorithm of a number
Example: LOG (16,2) => 4

Function: MIN
Description: Returns the smallest value from a set of data
Example: MIN(1,3,5,9) => 1

Function: MAX
Description: Returns the largest value from a set of data
Example: MAX(1,3,5,9) => 9

Function: SQRT
Description: Positive square root of a positive number
Example:SQRT(9) => 3

Function: POWER
Description: A number raised to a power
Example: POWER(2,3) => 8

Function: ABS
Description: Returns the absolute value of a given number
Example: ABS(-1) = 1


  • Date and time functions

Function: TODAY
Description: Gets the current date
Example: TODAY() =>05.07.2018

Function: DATE
Description: Returns the value for the given parameters
Example: DATE(2018,5,30) => Wed May 30 2018 

Function: DAYS
Description: Returns the number of days between the two dates
Example: DAYS({end date column name, start date column name}) => diff between dates in days


  • Constants

Function: PI
Description: PI value (3.14159)
Example: PI() => 3.14159


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