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The Status Column


Here at monday.com, we strive to give you an intuitive, visual platform that manages everything in one place. Our Status Column is a key factor in helping you plan, organize, and track all of your team's work according to status labels. Easily see if a task is yet to be completed, in progress, done, or any other status that you wish. 


Add the Column

To add the Status Column, simply click on the + sign in the far right of the board's column section and choose Status from the dropdown menu: 


Customize the labels 

Now it's time to edit the Status labels specialized to your workflow. To do this, click on one of the Status column cells and click on Edit Labels button at the bottom:

Kanban Navigation Bar (1).gif


Here you can change the order of the Status labels, text, color, and add additional labels to suit your needs. You can have up to 40 status labels with different colors. Don't forget to click "Apply" once you've finished customizing. 😊 


Note: The gray label is the default label that appears when an item is created. We recommend leaving the gray Status label blank as assigning the gray label a Status can cause confusion amongst your team.


Once a label is used in the board items, it cannot be deleted, however, you can deactivate labels that are no longer relevant or in use. Select the tree dots to the right of the label you wish to deactivate and select "Deactivate" from the resulting menu. 

BC- Deactivate Status Label.gif


Do note, if the end of your status label is cut off because your Status Column is too narrow, you can easily resize it! All you need to do is click on the right edge of your Status Column near to column title and drag it to the right to resize it as you wish.



Define which labels are "done"

In each of your boards, you can choose the labels that define a Status as "done". Click on the three dots at the top right of your Status Column to access Settings. Click "Customize Status column". From there, choose the color or colors you want to associate with "done" items.



Tip: Use automations to enhance your workflow! Easily set up an automation so your team is notified when a Status is changed for instance. Read here for more information and get creative with automations that will make your workflow smoother!


Add a column summary to show progress

Add a column summary to your Status Column to see the progress in one glance. Click on the three dots at the top right of the column to access Settings and choose "Show column summary".


You have a choice to show a thumbnail of what's done or all the Status labels in the column summary. Just click on the column summary and choose to your liking!


Communicate inside the Status box

Enhance your team's communication by corresponding directly within the Status Column! To communicate on a specific Status, simply click the + sign located in the top right corner of any Status box.


The Status Update will also be showcased in the item's Updates section!


Note: If you change a Status label with an Update, the Update will disappear within the Status box, but will remain in the item's Updates section.


Create default labels

Note:  To create default labels, you need to be an admin of the account. Learn more about how to become an admin right here


Stay aligned with your team and keep the same statuses across your boards by creating default Status labels for your monday.com account.

To do so, click on your profile picture (avatar) in the upper right corner of your screen and select "Administration":


Next, select "Customization" from the left panel menu and click on the "Boards" tab:


Edit your Status according to your preferences. You can pick from over 40 color labels! To learn more about the customization of your labels and other account features, please click here


Note: Changes made to the default board labels will not change any labels in your Status Columns that already exist. The changes will only apply to the new Status Columns created in your boards.



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.