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What is the Files View?

With monday.com, you can easily manage all your files in one place whether you have pictures, contracts, or just any documents. You can upload them either on your updates section or info boxes. We also came up with the Files View! 📋


What is the Files View?

To add the Files View, click on the arrow next to the button "Main Table" located on the top left of your board. Click on "More views" as below: 


From there, you will be directed to the views center. Select "Files" and click on "add to board" as in the screenshot below:



How to use it

Once your Files View is added, click on it to open it. You will have the option to view your files as thumbnails or as a list of files.



From this section, you can:

1. Download the file. 


2. Open the item which contains the file


3. Get a preview of your file


This view is super useful to manage all your files in one place. 


Note:  Files that are uploaded from a cloud-based storage system (such as Box or Google Drive) will appear as a link to the server, and will not be stored directly in your board. This means that you will not see a preview on these types of files. You will, however, see a preview of all files stored in your board, such as images, Powerpoint, Excel, or Word files, Adobe Illustrator or Photoshop files, etc)


Can I view the Files View above my Table View? 

Yes you can! You can click on the split screen button to do so:


Learn more here


Can I download my files?

You can hover over any file in your Files View and click "Download" from the file's pop-up menu to download the selected file. 


When you click on a file, you can select "Download" to download a single file, or "Download all" to download all the files in the group into one zip file!




If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to suppo[email protected]. We are here for you 24/7 and happy to help!