What is My Week?

"My week" is a great way for you to see everything you and your team need to accomplish this week, next or even what is overdue. It works by collecting all the tasks across your monday.com account that are due in the current week. 📆

How to set it up?

You will find "my week" in the left pane of your monday.com account underneath the Inbox.


In order for this feature to work, you need to make sure to have the following:

  • Tasks assigned to you and/or your team members
  • A due date for each of your tasks

How to view my own tasks?

Once this is set, you will see by default all the tasks assigned to you for the current week. You will also have the option to see all overdue tasks from the previous weeks included in your tasks for this week:



You can also change the date range by clicking on "previous" or "next" at the top of your screen as below:


You can also choose to see only tasks with a deadline. For this, select "only deadlines" from your "my week" settings as below. 


 Tip: To learn more about the deadlines, check out this article.


How to view the tasks I have already completed? 

In each of your board, you can choose the labels that define a status as done. Click on your status column and pick "column settings". From there, click on the label color you want to pick as "done".


This feature is super useful as it will have an impact on which tasks shows in your "done tasks" in my week. It will also impact the deadline mode and progress tracking column

How to view your team's tasks?

To view what is your team up to, click on "following" located on the upper right of "my week". From here, choose which team members' tasks you want to see in your My Week.


Once done, go back to "my week". You will now be able to see all the tasks of the team members you've followed.


Use the filter by person to view the tasks of one specific person. 



What is the item pop-up view?

You can update any of your tasks directly from my week. Simply click on the person icon and a card will open as below:  


A card will show you all of the information of the linked item in your Client board. You can update information in the card and the item in the Client board will update automatically with these changes.

This card will show you all the information related to this item. You can update information in the card and this will automatically update the board the item belongs to. 

Have any questions about the My Week feature or anything else? Reach out to us at Customer Success 24/7! Send an email to support@monday.com :)