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The Color Picker Column

If you work with any aspects of design, then you know how crucial it is to be accurate with color codes. It's not enough to eyeball the right color - you have to make sure that the exact color your design team selected is the one that is printed or uploaded. We've got your back here with the Color Picker Column! You can choose between the Hex Color Code or the RGB Color Code and display a swatch beside the code you're using in your design right in your board.


How to add the column

To add this column to your board, click on the '+' icon located on the top right of your board and then select "More columns":


Select the "Color Picker" Column from the "Board Power-Up" section of the Column Center, or search for it in the search bar!



How does it work? 

Whether you've already chosen the colors for your designs or want to play with the Color Picker Column until you find the right ones, this column will help you break down your design and get organized! To pick a color, click the cell to open up the color spectrum. 


You can click and drag the circle around the color picker until you see the color you want to use. You can also adjust the color family in the colorful bar below, and even play with the color transparency in the lower bar!




While selecting the color, you can view the color code in the field at the bottom of the window:


You can also change the color code for a specific item to Hex, RGB, or HSL from this window. Flip between the different color code options for your color by clicking the up and down arrows to the right, like this:



Once you pick your color, you will see both the color swatch as well as the color code displayed in the cell!



Hex Code or RGB Code?

You can choose between the HEX Color Code or the RGB Color Code for your design items! The column defaults to the Hex Code, but you can easily change to RGB in the Column Settings!

Open the settings by clicking the arrow beside the column's name and then selecting "Column Settings": 


This will open a pop-up window where you can choose HEX or RGB! Whatever you select will change all of the color codes in your board to this code type. 



Tip: If you don't want to change the code for all of your items, you can manually change certain items by using the arrows in the color picker window as we showed in the previous section!



How is this column useful?

While most of the column types are really flexible and customizable, we have a few columns that were designed to meet some of your very specific needs - and this is one of those columns! The Color Picker Column is mostly used by designers who need to select and stay aligned on a very specific shade for their design projects! 


Let's take a look at this 'Design Brainstorming' board as an example! We use this board at an early stage of our designs to experiment with color schemes for design projects we're working on! We have a separate group for each design and an item for each design aspect. For each design aspect, we record the team member who proposed the design element and color, include the color code and swatch using the Color Picker Column, and add any text and inspiration we used. Next, we assign the "Finalizer" who gets to decide whether the color works or if it's back to the drawing board by updating the Status Column with the decision! 


How can your team use the Color Picker Column?



If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help! 🙂