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How Does monday.com Compare to Excel?

Why do people still use Microsoft Excel to manage their projects?

The answer is simple: Excel is a familiar tool and more often than not, people stick with it because it is familiar. Excel is an amazing tool for financial analysis, pivoting data and building report charts but when it comes to visually planning, assigning tasks and communicating with your team, it becomes difficult to use. We can already feel your next question coming... 😊


So why choose monday.com?

With monday.com you can visually plan your projects, manage your team and communicate in one place. Here are 10 reasons why you should use monday.com to manage your workflow. 1️⃣ ... 🔟

Tip:  Considering moving from Spreadsheets to monday.com? You can import your spreadsheets or Excel files directly into monday.com and turn them into beautiful boards. Click here for more info. 


1. Assigning tasks to your team

Assigning tasks to your team members is a must when it comes to planning project. It allows you to visually see who is responsible of what and give ownership of the tasks to your team. If you need to assign a task to one or two team members, you can use the people column. If an entire team is working on one task, you can assign them using the team column

When you assign a task to a user/team, they will receive a notification in the as well as email if email notifications are turned on.  



2. Visually keep track of your progress

Are you working on it, stuck, done? Thanks to the status column, you can see in a glance where each task is standing. Each color label can be customized to your needs. When a task is completed, you can simply switch the status of this task to "done". You will see, turning everything green incredibly satisfying 😇


You can also use the progress column to visually see in percentage the progression of your tasks. 


3. Centralize your communication

With monday.com, you can keep conversations in context and centralized in one place. This will make things easy to refer back to at a later date and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. Additionally, if you’re working with a remote team, having one place to stay on top of who’s responsible for what and the status of their tasks will save you time and frustration.

You can start a conversation about the task within the update section. @mentioning the person or the team you want to communicate with will trigger notification in their bell. @mentioning everyone at [your domain name] will communicate with the whole account in one go.



4. Manage your team and projects visually with our Timeline 

The timeline is really great for projects or tasks that span over time. It allows you to get a visual representation of time, so you are able to see which team member is working on a particular task or project and when it is expected to be completed.

It is basically everything you want from a Gantt Chart, but not terrible 😊



5. Create reports

At monday.com we believe in the numbers and constantly measure everything: performance, progress, kilograms of almonds eaten this week by the team - anything. And of course we understand how important it is for any business to analyze how you are doing and generate regular reports. This is why we came up with the dashboards feature.

Learn more on how to use monday.com as a reporting tool right here



6. Create a formula and make calculations just like Excel

Our formula column allows you to make calculations with other columns. It goes from simple mathematical equation to more complex functions and formulas. This column is perfect if you need to manage your inventory, budget, finances. You can learn more just here


7. Turn your board's information into a beautiful graph

Our Chart View allows you to turn pull out various reports for a specific board into a graph. It is a great way to see the analytics side of your workflow! Check out this article if you would like to learn more about the chart view.


8. Manage your files in one place 

In addition to centralizing your communication, monday.com also allows you to manage all your files in one place. You can attach them in the updates section of each item or in the info boxes. You can attach files from your desktop, dropbox, google drive and more. You can also access a list of all the files within your boards thanks to the board view "files". 



9. Get reminders when a task is due

Being able to receive alerts when a task is due is a huge advantage when it comes to project management. Our deadline mode feature allows you to stay up to date with your tasks and never miss a deadline. Alternatively, you can also use our calendar integration to connect your boards to your own personal calendar. ⏰


10. Enjoy our amazing 24/7 support

Do you have a question, a suggestion, a bug? You can reach out to our customer success team anytime by e-mail or by phone. We are available 24/7 and always happy to help!

For any further questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]