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USER CASE: Managing suppliers by PLATINUM


Sascha Winter is the Head of Operations & Marketing at PLATINUM, Dubai based event management agency that organizes a multitude of high-profile events in the UAE. 


Their clients are mainly in the luxury automotive industry and include BMW, Rolls Royce, Maserati, and many other. The Platinum team provides all-inclusive event management services – starting from airport pick-up for the journalists and finishing organizing driving experiences, coffee breaks, designing and producing unique swag ideas. Check how they use to manage these high-profile events here.


During the projects the team has to work with hundreds of suppliers and in order to keep everything in order the Platinum team are using boards.


Every event in the schedule has a dedicated board that contains 9 groups of pulses for the stages of the project: finance, venues, design that need to be done for the event, etc.


Each board also contains several columns, where you can set the owner(s) of the task, status, timeline, etc, and track the suppliers providing the services. This part is especially relevant for the Production / pre- & on site section of the board.


Once the event is confirmed and the designs are done, the team is able to produce the BQ (Bill of Quantity), and the team starts choosing the suppliers:


In this section the team adds the production items, can check the status of each item and track deadlines. They can also consult with the colleagues on which supplier to choose:



"The effort you are making to write someone an email In Outlook is exactly the same as you would do it in, but at it’s easier to trace”.


You can also use Search Everything bar to search if any of your colleagues has worked with the supplier before and ask to share experience:


In this case also serves as a CRM of all the suppliers you've worked with.


“We are in the events industry and planning an event comes with hundreds and hundreds of tasks for all our team members and it is quite difficult to be on top of all those let alone completing them in an organized fashion. helps us tremendously to organize and structuring those tasks and helped us a lot, not only to respond to queries and tasks in a timely manner, it has also helped us to cut our turnaround by 30% and I am sure there is room for more.




Sascha Winter, the Head of Operations & Marketing at PLATINUM.




Who is Sascha Winter?

Expert in: Business Optimization Planning | Strategic Marketing Campaigns | Client Relationships | Training and Development | Brand Communications Campaigns 

- successfully established a client network of 1,300 medical clinics across the Middle East, developed;
- presented and executed business plans focused on acquisition and development. He’s set-up a company and trained staff that generated 1.2M AED in revenue in only 10 months;
- partnered with senior executives to secure a project with Daimler Chrysler valued at 5M AED.


If you have more questions about how Sascha’s team uses,
feel free to reach out to him directly via LinkedIn