What if tasks are delayed?

All of our boards, groups and pulses are independent of one another, so when one aspect is updated it won't affect another. We did this in order to encourage communication and collaboration amongst team members so that the workflow is more efficient. Sometimes when things are automatic, tasks tend to slip through the cracks. So how do we prevent this from happening?

We found that the use of communication can be a great alternative to any dependency (Want to learn how to communicate with your team? Click here). For a date dependency, we encourage users to sync their personal calendars with their boards.


Once having done this, you and your team can change dates on the board and it will update in your personal calendars as well. (Don't know how to sync your boards with your personal calendar? Click here to see how to do that).


When changing a date on your board, it will also update in your calendar. So when an alert is set, it will correspond with the date change as well. You can also manage your notifications settings in your calendar so you can receive a notification when a date has been changed. This is especially useful when managing deadlines on the go using your mobile calendar apps.

You can also @mention everyone in the board where dates are changed to let them know that the rest of the dates will be affected.



Still need an automatic dependency when a date is changed on one board and need it to affect another? See how to set this up using Integromat and click here

Have any questions about what's in this article or anything else? Feel free to reach out to our customer success team at support@monday.com