for scheduling

Looking to use for scheduling all sorts if things: your weekly tasks, meetings, appointments with clients? Here are few examples of how you can do this with!


Example 1:
Let's say, your team has a couple of meeting rooms that are actively used, and you want to make sure that you are not steeping on each other's feet! To solve this problem use this simple board:
The structure of this board is very simple: every day of the week is a separate group of pulses, and each pulse is available time slot. Just update the status column to book the time slot you need, assign the person who's organising a meeting, and add comments if needed!
You can also use this template to schedule clients' appointments in a beauty saloon, for example! Just set available time slots, assign the specialist who's taking care of the client, and in the Text column add client's details.
Example 2:
You can also use in a more sophisticated way and combine it with CRM functionality!
For example, you run a vet clinic and need to process all incoming requests from pet owners and schedule them with a relevant doctor. 
Start with collecting all the necessary data from the clients using the new Forms. Once the client submitted the form, all the data is automatically added to a board: you can see the client's name, contact details, what doctor the client would like to see, preferred time and priority:
You can use this information to find the vet available in preferred hours, schedule an appointment (and assign it to the vet if they are a part of your account), add notes, and generally collect all the data about the pet owner and the pet.
Example 3:
Tired of jumping between your calendar, to-do list, and emails? We hear you! With you can manage all your meetings and tasks in one place. just build a board like this:
You can manually add all the tasks to the board or forward them from your inbox (here is how), and even add events from your Google calendar with a little workaround:
1. Create an event in your calendar
2. Copy the email address of the board the email address of the board, and add this email to the list of guests in the event: 
The event will be automatically added to your board, and any notes of the calendar event will be reflected like this: 
Once you confirm the meeting, you can rename the pulse.
If you have any further questions or use cases about using as a scheduling platform, please let us know by sending us an email to