We're obsessed with building an excellent product, and our goal is to create a tool that people will love to use—one that’s fast, beautiful, responsive, and makes your life for everyone easier.

Here’s where we are in terms of accessibility:


Keyboard Shortcuts

  • Save an update: Command + Enter
  • Close an update: Esc
  • Exit fullscreen mode: Esc
  • Search Boards with BoltSwitch: Command + B on a Mac (Ctrl + B on a PC
  • Use batch actions (select multiple pulses): Press + Hold Command (Ctrl on a PC)  to click all desired pulses.

Assistive Technology

Screen recorders via desktop, mobile, or browser extensions can be used for an audible experience.

Resizable Text

The platform is responsive, and text may be resized from the browser or user’s device.


The platform can be accessed with contrast settings on devices to appear more friendly for low-vision users.   



Support is available via Zendesk 24/7 by email at, chat at, or phone at (201) 778-4567.  Please note, TTY calls are not accepted by Zendesk Voice at this time.

Knowledge Base

Our knowledge base can be accessed with screen readers and we're adding captions to make them even more friendly.  

Webinars & Demonstrations

Zoom has accessibility features including keyboard shortcuts, resizable text and UI interface.  Closed captioning can be requested by contacting our Customer Success team in advance of sessions.


YouTube can be accessed with desktop screen readers or Android with blind and low vision accommodations.  In addition, closed captioning can be enabled on all video content.


We’re making even more changes to improve our accessibility in the coming weeks and months.  In the meantime, please contact our Customer Success team at for accommodations or inquiries.


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