iOS - How do I add, delete, customize a column?

To edit, delete or sort a column, hold your finger on the screen on a column title. This will reveal 3 options - edit (pencil icon), delete (bin) and sort (downward arrow).



Fig1. - iOS display to edit, remove, or sort column.

To edit the name of the column, click on the pencil icon. A box will appear allowing you to edit the name of the column and save it.


Fig2. - iOS display to change column name.

To delete the column, press on the bin icon. You will be asked to confirm that you want to delete the column.


Fig3. - iOS display to delete column.

The column will be deleted and will now be stored in your recycle bin for 30 days (which can be accessed through the web and browser apps).

To sort the column, click on the downward arrow icon.

Columns will be sorted alphabetically (for pulse names, person, text or tag column), numerically (for numbers column) and in the order the labels appear in the status picker for status columns. You can learn more about how each column is sorted here


Fig4. - iOS display of colum sort.

To sort the opposite way (e.g. Z --> A), follow the same steps as above.

Once sorted, you will see the option to unsort in place of the column name (see screenshot above). Click this to return to the original order of pulses. 

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