Android - How to login to the mobile app?

To sign in to the mobile app, you first need to create and set up your account on a desktop or laptop. Go ahead and set up your free trial account here, and then follow the steps below to log in to our mobile app! :) 


  • Step 2
    Enter your account’s web address. You just need to enter the account name (the part before “”), and the rest will populate. For example, if my account web address is, I simply need to enter “company” and click “Next,” as shown in the example below:


  • Step 3 (look for plan 4-C when using Google Authentication)
    Enter your email address and click “Log in”

Step 4 - Plan A
You can choose to type in your password manually, or you can send yourself a “magic link” so that you can just open your email account on your phone and click that link to log in without your password.

If you type in your password manually and click “Log in,” you will be all set!

If you chose the magic link option, please proceed to Step 4 - Plan B!

Step 4 - Plan B
If you chose “Send me the magic link,” log in to your email account on your mobile device, and you should see an email from with a button that says “Sign in to” Clicking on that button will redirect you to the mobile app and sign you in automatically.


This shortcut is very helpful if you are always signed into your email account on your mobile device.

Step 4 - Plan C

If the account you're using has Google Authentication enabled already, you'll be able to choose whether you wish to log in with your Google account or as a guest (regular sign-in from there). After clicking Sign in with Google and choosing the Google account you wish to proceed with you'll be good to go!



Have more questions? Let us know! We’re always happy to help :)