iOS - How do I add, delete, customize a column?

Exactly like in the web or desktop version of, you can add, delete or customize your columns right from your mobile. Keep reading to learn how.👇

How to add a column?

Step 1

Scroll to the right of your board and click on the + icon to add an new column as in the screenshot below:


Alternatively, you can also click on the blue + located at the bottom right of your screen and then select "new column"


Step 2

Click on the column you would like to add. All columns available on the web version of are also available on mobile!


Click on "column Center" to access all the columns as below:


And you are done! Continue reading to learn how to delete or customize a column. 

How to delete a column?

To delete a column, keep your finger pressed about 2 seconds on the column you would like to delete. You should then see three icons appearing as in the screenshot below: 


Select the recycle bin icon and your column will be deleted. 🗑 If you've deleted a column by mistake, you can always restore it from the recycle bin that is available on your desktop or web version of 

How to edit a column?


By clicking on the pencil, you will be able to edit the name of your column.

How to reorder my column?

You can reorder your column easily by clicking on the last icon as below: 


Check out this article to learn how to add, delete or customize a pulse!

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