How can I search or Filter within a board? [video]

We have created an easy filter option for within on board! With just a few short clicks you can create a filtered view of any board! 

 Just below the Title and description of your board, you should see:


Search or filter board field

This allows you to either search within the board, or filter the board. When clicking the person logo you can easily filter by person: 


You can type any keyword in this filed and it will pull out what you are looking for. 

Filter board by person view or column

You can click on the arrow drop down and filter by columns. 


Filter by several columns at once

You can also select multiple values when filtering a column through the board advanced filter. For example, these are the pulses that are either "working on it" or "stuck"  and with high priority:


Filter by date

It is also possible to filter by a specific date in the board advanced filter.

The default view shows time ranges (this week, past dates etc.). When clicking "show more" the options expand to include all individual existing dates in the board. This is compatible with existing filter as well as the new labs filter that allows multiple selection in the same category.



Check out in action how the board filters work!

To search all boards within your account read here.

 If you have any further questions about the board filter, please don't hesitate to reach out to us anytime right here

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