How can I search or Filter within a board? [video]

If only there was a way to get a filtered view of our board, we need only the most relevant tasks in front of us right now :) Welcome to our Search / Filter Board tool, where instant dashboards are king. A few clicks on any board will take us there!

Located below the board's title and description, there it is:


Search / filter board field

This allows you to either search within the board for key words (a person's name and "Done") or filter the board to present a certain view (a person's name, "Working on It" and "This Week").

Type-in a keyword (from every column or pulse) in this filed and voila! 


When clicking the person tab you can easily filter by team member: 


Filter board by person and/or column

Simply click the three-line icon to filter away, like so: 


Filter by several columns (and values within them) at once

You can also select multiple values when filtering a column through the board's advanced filter. For example, these are the pulses within the "Current Projects" and "Coming Up" groups, assigned to Lea that are either "Done" or "working on it":


Filter by date

It is also possible to create a view by a specific date in the board's advanced filter.

The default view shows time ranges ("this week", "Past Dates" etc.). When clicking "Show more" the options expand to include all individual existing dates on the board.



Remember that every instant dashboard is exportable to Excel, look for the "Export to Excel" tab on the top right corner of each filter tab.


Want to go search cross-boards? Click here.

If you have any further questions about the board filter, please reach out by clicking right here