How to use stories

Success can and should be based on a community that allows one to share knowledge and information. That is why we opened our stories page where you will find real stories from other users through a variety of categories, explaining how helps them set their goals and improve their teamwork. 

How do I use a story I liked on my account?

Step 1

Explore our stories main page - log in with your account and authorize access to your boards (when uploading a story). 


Step 2

Browse through the variety of stories sorted by categories which will help you focusing on the stories that are relevant for you and your team. 


Step 3

Now you can read about the user that you chose and the workflow s/he is using. Get some tips, see why s/he liked this template and how it helped him/her.                                               

Find the right one? Excellent! You can easily use this template on your account as a new board. use_template.png


How do I upload a template to stories?

Do you think you found the perfect flow and want to share how is helping you increase your productivity and communication among your team? What are you waiting for? Come and share it with our community😊

Step 1 

Visit our stories page and click on share your story, "sharing is caring" as they say!


Step 2 

Fill in the information needed so our users will understand what is your team doing and how this board helped improve your productivity and communication.


Step 3 

Upload a selfie (with your best side 😉) and your story is ready to go! 

Are you ready to influence others workflows? Go get 'em 😊


If you have any further questions about how to use stories and how it can help your overall productivity and flow, please don't hesitate to contact our customer success team just right here. We are here for you 24/7!