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How do I edit my profile?


When first creating your monday.com account, you'll see your initials placed on a colored background as your profile picture. However, we believe that adding a profile photo of yourself and customizing your account profile can really help your team to identify you quicker and get to know you better! 😊

Note: Pending users who have not accepted their invitation will have a standard avatar image as their profile picture. If they accept their invitation, their initials will be shown instead until they upload their own picture.


How to upload a profile picture

Click on your profile picture (or initials) on the top right of the screen. From the resulting menu, select "My profile":


Hover your mouse over your avatar and click on "Change profile picture":


Once you've clicked on "Change profile picture", you will see the option to upload a photo from your computer (JPEG or PNG) or from your Facebook profile.


Adjust the dimensions of your picture and once you are satisfied, click on "Crop image". You will get a preview of what your profile picture will look like. If you are happy, click on "Love it". If not you can select "Try another picture". 


Customize your profile picture color

If you prefer to keep your initials as your profile picture rather than adding your own image, you can definitely do so. You can also now customize the backdrop color of your initials as you wish! To do this, if you currently have a photo added as your profile picture, you will first need to remove it:


Next, hover over your initials and click on "Change profile picture" and then select "Change avatar theme". Here, you'll be able to pick out a color of your choice which as the background of your initials. 🎨



Default fields in your profile

By default, everyone can add the following to their profile: a name, title, email, phone number, location, timezone, birthday, work anniversary, and Skype username.
To edit any of these fields in your profile, simply hover over the field and click. These options cannot be removed from the profile.
The admin can re-arrange the order that these fields appear in by navigating to the admin section > customization > user profile.


Once there, click on the symbol to the left of any field to drag and drop.



Add custom fields to your profile

You have the option to add your own custom fields in your profile. This feature is super useful for sharing extra details such as department, floor, or favorite pizza toppings. 🍕


Note:  Custom fields are available for our Pro and Enterprise plans. Only Admins of an account can add custom fields to profiles.


To add custom fields, click on your profile picture (or initials) on the top right of the screen, select "Admin" > "Customization" > "User profile". Next, scroll to the bottom and click on "Add new custom field":


Customize your field with a name and icon:


Don't forget to press "Save changes"! The change will apply to all members of your account.


If you have any questions, please reach out to our team right here. We’re available 24/7 and happy to help.