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How to move a group or an item

There are so many different ways to move around your groups and items within your board and even across boards! Keep reading to learn all of the tips and tricks to make you a pro! 👌



How to move an item to another board

There are three different ways you can move an item to a different board! We can make this move by dragging and dropping, using batch actions, selecting the item and choosing its destination, or by using an Automation! Let's check out each method!


Selection Method

First, we'll click the arrow to the left of our item to launch the item's menu. When we hover to the left side of an item, a little arrow will appear right here:


From here, we'll click 'Move to Board' and we'll be prompted with a list of all of our boards! We can scroll through the list until we find the right board or we can type its name into the search bar for a quick shortcut!


After we've selected the right board to send our item to, we'll be prompted with a list of all of the groups in the destination board. All we have to do is select the group we want to send our item to, and it'll jump over to its new board! 


Note: If you want to move an item or group to a different board, make sure you have the same columns on both boards; otherwise, you will lose your information! If you already moved your item - don't worry, It's not lost forever! Check out the end of this article to see how you can restore lost information. 


Batch Actions

Two of our candidates passed all of the interview stages and are ready to begin onboarding at our company! Let's move our new employees out of the Recruiting board and into the onboarding board for his department using batch actions!

First, we're going to hover over the colored portion on the left side of our items and click the box beside each item that we want to move. Then, we'll click 'Move to' and select 'Move to board'.


When the menu pops up, we can select the board we wish to send the items to, in our case the 'New Employee Onboarding' board. This will be referred to as our 'destination board'.


Within the selected destination board, we can choose the right group for the items to move to from the menu. 


Mapping out column information 

If you have columns on your current board that do not exist on your destination board, you will be prompted to define where the column information will go to according to the columns on your destination board, as so:



For certain columns on your current board that do not have a matching column on the destination board, such as the 'Department' column in the picture above, you will be prompted to select a different column or to manually create a new column on your destination board in which this data will be moved to:



In our case, the columns that we have in our destination board hold all of the information we need to transfer, so we will just click on 'Move info from 6/9 columns':



Clicking on this button will transfer the information from six of our columns to the 'New Employee Onboarding' board, however, we will receive a warning message beforehand that the data from the three columns that were not mapped out will be deleted at the time of the move:


Do not worry if you've accidentally deleted data during the move from one board to another by pressing 'Move items anyway', as this can be recovered! We'll discuss how this can be done in the section 'How to recover lost information' towards the bottom of this article.


Tip: If you are moving items that have subitems, they will be transferred together automatically! Just make sure you map out the subitems column information just as you did for the parent item. This will only work if you already have a Subitem Column in the destination board. 



Although it's really easy to move items around with the quick methods we discussed in this article, sometimes we have certain rules about the movement of our items that stay consistent over time or are conditional on certain circumstances. In these cases, Automations are our best friends! 👫

There's an entire section in the Automations Center dedicated to moving items! We can use Automations to move items to other groups on our board or even to other boards!


 Let's take a look at two simple examples:



 To learn more about moving items with Automations, read this awesome article


How to move an item to another group

There are 3 ways to move an item to another group on our board! We can either move an item using the Selection Method, batch actions, or dragging and dropping! 


Selection Method

In our Recruiting board, each item represents a candidate and each group represents a phase in the interview process. When a candidate passes a stage, they move to the next group. Let's try moving James past the resume review stage and into the HR Interview stage using the selection method!

Just like moving an item to another board, we'll start by clicking the arrow next to the group's name to launch the item's menu and select 'Move to Group'. A new menu will appear to the right with all of the groups in the board. As soon as we select the group we want to move the item to, the item will jump to its new group!



Batch Actions

Two of our candidates had excellent resumes and they're both advancing to the first interview stage! Let's move them both at the same time using batch actions!

When we hover on the colored portion on the left side of an item, a little box will appear. Now, we're going to click the box beside each item that we want to move and then we'll be able to see how many items we've selected at the bottom of the screen along with a batch actions menu! 


From this menu, we can select 'Move to' and then choose 'Move to group' just like this:


A menu will pop up, allowing us to choose the group we want to send our items to. When we click the group, our item will be transferred over! Check out this article to find out more about batch actions!


Drag and Drop

We can really easily drag and drop an item from one group to another by clicking and holding down an item while moving our mouse over to the destination group before releasing! Check out this animation to see how it's done:



How to move a group to another board

We use the Selection Method to move a group to another board! When we hover to the left side of an item, a little arrow will appear. We'll click the arrow and select 'Move Group to Board' and then we'll just select the destination board from our menu!


Remember:  Make sure that your destination board has the same columns as your source board so that all of your information will be transferred properly! If your columns are not consistent, you'll get a message like this: 




How to move a group within a board

The method we use to move a group within a board is the drag and drop method! We decided to move around the order of our interview process. In order to keep our board in chronological order corresponding with our interview stages, we want to change the order of our groups! 

First, we want to collapse our groups because it makes the process a little clearer to only see the names of the groups rather than all of the items on our board. 

To collapse our groups, we just have to hover to the left of our group's name and click the grey arrows that appear here:


After we collapse all of our groups, we click and hold down the six-dot icon to the right of the collapse button and drag our group to the desired spot before releasing! Check out this quick animation to see how it's done:



How to recover lost information 

What happens if you move an item to a board that doesn't have the same columns as the previous board the item was apart of and you lost some of your information? Is it lost forever? 

Of course not! Don't worry - we can get it back! 

Head over to your Activity Log by clicking 'Activities' in the top right-hand corner: 


As we can see here in our Activity Log, 1 minute ago, we moved Alfred Taylor to the board "New Employee Onboarding". All we have to do is click "Undo" and item will be restored to its original board exactly how it appeared before the move! 




If you have any questions, please reach out to our team by using our contact form. We're available 24/7 and happy to help!