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Syncing date columns from one board to another with Integromat

There are times when you may need to push due date value updates from one board to another - like when reporting up to a high level board or a client facing board. Here’s how to use Integromat so that due dates on once board are automatically pushed to another.

Step 1

Select the “Sync two date columns. One will update the other but not the other way around” Template in Integromat

Step 2

Add in your connection information and select your board for “Board 1”.

Repeat the same in the next Module to set up “Board 2”

Step 3

Use the filter to check that the Pulse names are the same but the due dates are different. Use the Equal to condition to check if 1. Name and 2. Name are the same. Then use the Not equal to condition to compare 1. Column_values.date and 2. Column_values.date   

Use the last Module to Update the due dates in Board 2 by putting in your connection information and selecting that board.

Step 4

Set the interval and turn Scheduling to “On”

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