Automatically archive "done" tasks with Integromat

You set up your board, outlined all the tasks and have been working hard to get them all to “Green”. As new tasks come in, though, it’s getting harder to focus on the things that are yet to be completed. If only there was a way to automatically archive your done asks each day, week, or month so that they are out of the way, but accessible if you ever need to reference back to them.

Well now there is! Using Integromat, you can set up an automation that archives your “done” tasks on a regular schedule. Here’s how:

Step 1

Select the “Archives all ‘done’ (green) tasks in a board/group” Template in Integromat

Put in your connection information, select your board, and limit it to a specific group or leave the group blank to use the whole board.

Step 2

Click on the Filter between the two modules and set the condition to the Status: Index


Step 3

On the last Module, set the Board pulse ID to the ID from the previous Module

Step 4

Set your schedule and turn the scenario to “On”


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