Creating an "Overdue" status column with Integromat [video]

Assigning Due dates is a great way to keep projects on schedule. We’ve even got a way to set up email reminders via Integromat for that extra nudge. But what happens when the due date passes? Or what if you are a project manager who needs to quickly see what’s falling behind?

Here is how to create a custom status column that lets you know if something is upcoming, due today or overdue. 

1. Create a board with a due date column and at least 2 status columns. One for pulse status, and one with the custom labels of “Done”/Green, “Upcoming”/Blue, “Due Today”/Yellow, and “Overdue”/Red.  

2. Select the “Overdue Status Column” monday Template from Integromat

3. Connect with your API Key and select the board you want to work with.

4. Make sure the first filter is set to your status column’s index

5. Add your connection and board information to the next module

6. For the rest of the modules, but sure to us the variable “1.ID” for the Board’s pulse ID.

7. Repeat steps 4-6 following the instructions on the screen to configure the remaining modules.

8. Set the Interval to daily and turn the scheduling to “On”


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