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Due Date Alerts and Reminders with Automations

Using monday.com automations, you can now create a due date reminder by scheduling an automation based on a date or timeline column (whether it's set in Deadline Mode or not!).

There are a couple of ways to set up your due date reminders: (1) from your automations store or (2) directly from your date or timeline column menu. This article covers both methods.

(1) Adding due date reminders from your automations store 

Now available in your automation store are three different kinds of due date Reminders: 

  • When date arrives, notify someone 
  • When date arrives and status isn't something, notify someone
  • When a item move to group, notify someone after some time 

   The When parameter above can be configured to:

  1. Run exactly when the date arrives
  2. Schedule the automation to run on a relative time.

Learn more about how to configure your automations here: monday.com Automations.

(2) Adding due date reminders from your column menu

You can also add a reminder directly from your date or timeline column!

a. If your column is not set in Deadline Mode, simply select the upside-down arrow to open up the column menu and select "Set Date Reminders".

You'll be navigated to the first of the automations listed above, "When date arrives, notify someone." The specified column will automatically be filled - you'll just need to choose when you'd like the notification to run and who you'd like to notify!


b. If you have already linked your date or timeline column together with a status column in Deadline Mode, you'll experience a slightly different setup. 

As above, open up your column menu. You'll see instead the option to "Set Due Date Reminders".

Click on it and the automations store will open with the second of the three automations noted above: "When date arrives and status isn't something, notify someone".

Again, the column that you've selected will be pre-filled, as will the status column to which it is linked. You'll need to define the when field, as well as who you would like to be notified.

To learn more about Deadline Mode, check out this article.


You can also set your own alerts to upcoming item deadlines by connecting monday.com to your calendar. Learn more about setting up reminders using calendar integration here


If you have any questions about setting up your due date reminders, feel free to contact us at [email protected], and our awesome support team will be more than happy to help!